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The Duel in the Temple of the Sith occurred after Cade Skywalker arrived on Coruscant and Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith detected the Jedi's presence. Full of confidence, Cade infiltrated the Temple from below, releasing the Bothan Jedi healer Hosk Trey'lis. However, the Sith Lord Darth Talon, Emperor Krayt's Hand, was in wait beside a long pool inhabited by an immense dianoga. She cut off their escape, disabled Hosk with a Force push, and engaged Cade. In the midst of a parry she revealed that both Jedi were wanted alive, infuriating him, and setting off the young Jedi's skirt with the dark side. He unexpectedly disarmed her and brought her to bay.[3]

Unbeknownst to either, however, Darth Nihl, Talon's fellow Hand, was watching, though he had not been entrusted with the mission by the Dread Lord. He intervened, Force choking Cade and rendering him unconscious. Darth Talon, despite her apparent imminent loss, resented the intrusion. She prevented Nihl from killing her prize, but he went on to tell their master of Cade's capture, while he was tortured by Darth Maladi. Later, Darth Krayt, before the ever-loyals Talon and Darth Wyyrlok revealed his true identity to Cade.[3]



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