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This duel was a battle of Force powers that took place between Force-sensitive Kajin Savaros and Inquisitor Probus Tesla in a malfunctioning repulsor field near Ploughtekal Market. Tesla had been ordered by Sith Lord Darth Vader to find Jax Pavan, a Jedi Knight that had survived Order 66. When Tesla was searching the area on Coruscant around Ploughtekal Market he felt a Force presence, and followed it to a nearby repulsor field, where he caught up to and fought with the Force-sensitive, who happened to be Savaros, instead of Pavan. Tesla was impressed by Savaros' untrained skill, and attempted to defeat him with Force lightning, which reacted with the repulsor field and came back to him, knocking him out. Moments later, Jax Pavan and Twi'lek Gray Paladin Laranth Tarak appeared on the scene and took Savaros to safety.


A Force-sensitive boy named Kajin Savaros had been living in hiding on Coruscant since the Galactic Empire had come into power. He had difficulties controlling his Force powers, however, and frequently used them at dangerous times.

Imperial Inquisitor Probus Tesla had been sent by Darth Vader to track down Jedi Knight Jax Pavan. Near Ploughtekal Market on Coruscant he felt a Force presence and decided to follow it. When he finally caught up to his quarry in a malfunctioning repulsor field, he was surprised to find that it was a boy, and not Pavan at all.

Jax Pavan and the Twi'lek Gray Paladin Laranth Tarak felt the confrontation nearby in the Force, and rushed to the scene.

The duelEdit

Tesla expected Savaros to be easy bait, however the raw power possessed by the untrained boy took Tesla completely by surprise. Savaros tore out a pice of repulsor field energy and threw it at the Inquisitor, knocking him backwards, almost all the way outside the passage. Tesla offered Savaros to join him as an Inquisitor, but the boy refused. Tesla shot a blast of Force lightning at him, but the lightning intereacted with the unstable repulsor field and came back towards Tesla, knocking him out and injuring him severely.

Pavan and Tarak arrived on the scene and found Kajin. They took him to safety, assuming incorrectly that the unconscious Inquisitor was dead.


Savaros was deemed very strong in the Force, with great potential; with his untrained powers alone he had defeated an extenxively-trained Imperial Inquisitor. The very next day Pavan began training Savaros as his apprentice. The young boy would serve as a powerful addition to Jax Pavan's friends and the Whiplash organization, though his presence there would begin create distrust among Pavan's friends. It would also prove very difficult for Savaros to bring his powers under control.

Darth Vader would later team up Tesla with two other Inquisitors, Yral Chael and Mas Sirrah, because Tesla didn't seem to be able to do the job alone. This would lead to another confrontation between Savaros and Tesla.


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