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"Duel of Destiny" is the twelfth episode of the first season of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It is the twelfth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on Disney XD on August 22, 2016.[1]

Official description[]

Rowan and Naare enter into a lightsaber duel with unbelievable consequences.[1]

Plot summary[]

The Emperor and Vader desire the Kyber Saber

The search for Rowan[]

Aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor, Emperor Palpatine reminds Darth Vader that Empire Day is a few days away and expresses his desire for the Kyber Saber. The Emperor contacts his Sith agent Naare and reiterates his demand for the Kyber Saber, infuriating her. Graballa the Hutt tries to cheer her up by telling her that he has "eyes and noses" around the galaxy searching for the Freemakers. Naare is still furious that Rowan Freemaker tricked her when she was at the edge of victory and uses the Force to hurl Graballa and his entourage against the wall.

Zander and Kordi search for Rowan on Naboo

Meanwhile, Zander and Kordi travel to Naboo, Cloud City, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine searching for Rowan and Roger. On Naboo, Zander and Kordi question several Gungan pedestrians. On Kashyyyk, the sibilings stumble in the middle of a battle between Wookiees and Trandoshans. On Tatooine, the two are robbed by a group of Jawas who make off with their tools. Frustrated, Kordi and Zander head back on their X-34 landspeeder to the StarScavenger and decide to return to their garage on The Wheel. However, the Kubaz spy Garindan spots them and informs Graballa's Toydarian valet, Yeppau, about the older Freemakers.

Elsewhere, Rowan practises his lightsaber with several old training droids on an unidentified planet. R0-GR sits by a fire and asks if they can go home. However, Rowan is not finished yet and asks the B1-series battle droid to play back a recording of a Clone Wars skirmish with the Jedi Master Kit Fisto. While Roger is troubled with having to watch the memories of his disintegration, he accedes to Rowan's request. Rowan apologizes to Roger but reiterated that he is not yet ready to face Naare. Rowan is determined to continue his Jedi training.

Trap in the Wheel[]

While Naare meditates, Graballa and his henchmen receive news from Yeppau that Garindan has spotted Kordi and Zander on Tatooine. When Graballa expresses frustration at his underlings' failure to catch the boy, Naare comes up with a plan to lure Rowan out of hiding by hurting his brother and sister. Later, the older Freemakers return in the StarScavenger to the Wheel where they are greeted by their Aqualish landlord Furlac; who has come to collect their overdue rent. Furlac also demands extra payment for damage to their garage.

Shortly later, Graballa and Naare arrive and capture Zander and Kordi. Furlac then flees the garage. Zander and Kordi are put into chains but refuse to cooperate with Naare and Graballa. Naare decides to torture them psychologically and uses the Force to damage the Star Scavenger's turrets and burns Kordi's credits. She also uses the Force to disintegrate Zander's Z-wings.

Rowan and Roger hiding on an unidentified planet

Meanwhile, Rowan asks Roger to play back memories of the First Battle of Geonosis. Roger is reluctant and instead shows the boy a clip of him falling down a flight of stairs. In the end, Roger complies with Rowan's request and plays back a clip of him and other battle droid's fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Mace Windu; with the latter cutting the droid into six pieces. While practising another round with his training droids, Rowan experiences a vision of Kordi and Zander being tortured by Naare. Despite Roger pointing out that this is a trap, Rowan retorts that there is no point saving the Galaxy without the people he loves. The two travel back on the Mini Scavenger to The Wheel.

Rowan strikes back[]

Back at the Wheel, Naare is about to embark on a second round of torture using her Sith lightsaber. Before she can hurt Zander and Kordi, Rowan and Roger land their scavenger vessel, crashing into the debris. Before Naare can attack them, the two leap to a platform with Rowan challenging Naare to a lightsaber duel. The bounty hunter Dengar shoots at Rowan but the boy deflects the blaster bolts at Zander and Kordi's chains, freeing them. A gun battle then breaks out between the Freemakers and Graballa's men. Zander and Kordi exchange fire with the intruders.

Meanwhile, Naare reiterates her demand that Rowan surrender the last remaining kyber crystal but the boy engages her in a lightsaber duel. At Rowan's command, Roger releases several spareparts and debris on her but Naare levitates them with the Force. This distraction allows Rowan to attack her. After dodging blaster fire from Baash and Raam, Zander uses a magnetizer to trap the two gangsters. While Rowan fights Naare, Dengar chases Kordi upstairs only for her to trap him in a turbofan. Dengar manages to break free by shooting the controls.

When Naare demands that Rowan surrender the Kyber crystal again, the boy tells her that he has hidden the crystal on a nameless planet. Elsewhere, Bash and Raam struggle to free themselves from the magnetizer. Graballa tells them to let go of their blasters but the two refuse to lose their weapons. Zander then fires a gas canister at Graballa, knocking the Hutt into Baash and Raam. After Rowan fights her into a corner, Naare realizes that his lightsaber skills have improved. When Rowan tells her that he learnt his moves from Anakin, Naare responds that the Jedi are dead before hurling more debris at the boy.

Naare's triumph[]

Rowan however deflects the objects with the Force. When Naare demands to know who trained him, Roger tells her that he showed Rowan all of the Jedi including Mace Windu. Using Master Windu's moves, Rowan fights Naare into a corner. Roger then adds that he has taught the boy everything. At that point, Naare realizes that Roger knows where the crystal is hidden and hurls Rowan aside. She then leaps onto the platform and beheads the droid despite Roger's protests. Triumphant. Naare then uses debris to pin down Kordi and Zander before leaping down the platform.

Naare turns on Graballa and his henchmen

Thinking they have won, Graballa then demands that Naare give him his share of the Kyber crystals because he needs to pay his broker the deposit for his resort. However, Naare breaks the deal and tells him that she is a Sith and that the Sith lie. When Graballa orders Dengar to retrieve Roger's head, Naare hurls him away with the Force. She then uses the Force to sweep the gangsters and the surrounding debris out of the Freemaker Garage. Against Roger's protests, she links the droid's head to a Holoprojector. As a result, Naare finds the location of the planet.

Rowan tries to stop Naare but the Sith buries him under a mountain of debris. While impressed by the boy's prowess, she tells him that he is no Jedi. Naare then departs with Roger's head on the Eclipse Fighter. Kordi and Zander manage to free themselves from the rubble and then dig Rowan out. While Rowan is unhurt, he is despondent that he had failed to stop Naare and says that he is no Jedi. At that point, Rowan has an epiphany and realizes that he is neither a Jedi or Sith but a Freemaker. After levitating the debris and wreckage with the Force, Rowan says that he knows how they are going to defeat Naare.


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