"Look at his face! He's Sith!"
"I can't believe it!"
―Two pedestrians discovering the corpse of the Snivvian Sith infiltrator[src]

The Duel on Cadomai Prime was a brief skirmish that occurred in 138 ABY between the rogue Sith Darth Wredd and an unidentified Snivvian member of the One Sith order. Following the Carreras Incident, Darth Wredd had embarked on an insurgency against the One Sith. Darth Wredd had planned to restore the Rule of Two and to avenge the destruction of his homeworld Mala and family at the hands of the One Sith.

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"You can call me Darth Wredd. Pay close attention. It isn't every day that you see an Imperial Knight killed like a helpless beast. And ask yourself... If I can do this, is there anyone who is safe?"
―Darth Wredd broadcasting his manifesto to the galaxy[src]

The rogue Sith Darth Wredd

The man who became the Sith Darth Wredd had been a Force-sensitive warrior on his homeworld of Mala. During the last stages of the Second Imperial Civil War, the One Sith had tested a bioweapon on Mala, killing all of its inhabitants with the exception of Wredd and knocking the planet out of its orbit, causing Mala to become a rogue floating world which traveled through space. The One Sith spared Wredd but forcibly recruited him into the One Sith. Embracing the dark side of the Force, Wredd was subsequently apprenticed to an unknown master but harbored a burning desire for vengeance against the One Sith.[4] Following the defeat of Darth Krayt, the One Sith were driven underground and opted for a strategy of infiltrating governments and corporations across the galaxy in order to restore their "golden age."[3]

In 138 ABY, an opportunity for Darth Wredd to break free of the One Sith appeared when the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, the new galactic government, sent the Imperial Knight Yalta Val to supervise the finishing stages of the construction of the Carreras G51 communications array. The Galactic Federation Triumvirate was formed from a merger of the Fel Empire, the Jedi Council, and the Galactic Alliance, the three main opposition groups to Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. Darth Wredd and his Sith master ambushed the Imperial Knight's shuttle and captured him. During the fighting, Darth Wredd killed his Sith master and abandoned the One Sith.[5] He then impersonated Yalta Val and used the Carreras communications array to broadcast his manifesto to the galaxy. He attempted to kill Yalta Val but was thwarted by the junk dealer Ania Solo, a descendant of Han Solo. Despite his exposure, Darth Wredd managed to escape into space.[1]

The Assassination[edit | edit source]

"We're supposed to infiltrate and gain power. Not grab for attention like a child. You call yourself Darth Wredd, but you don't deserve to be Sith!"
―The Snivvian Sith infiltrator wrestling with Darth Wredd[src]

The Sith infiltrator among the Snivvian delegation

Following the Carreras Incident, Darth Wredd embarked on an insurgency against the One Sith, seeking to exact vengeance against the Sith for the destruction of his family and his homeworld, and to create a new Sith order based on the Rule of Two. By 138 ABY, Cadomai Prime was in a desperate need of a new reliable trade route following the Sith devastation of the Calamari system in 137 ABY, which had drawn a sizable criminal element to the collapsed area. A delegation of three Snivvian politicians subsequently entered into negotiations with two Gran representatives to this end. Unknown to the delegates, one of the Snivvian envoys was a secret undercover One Sith operative, who had infiltrated Cadomai's government. After an unsuccessful conference with the Gran, the Snivvian Sith was attacked by the renegade Sith apprentice Darth Wredd, who had embarked on a campaign to hunt down and kill members of the One Sith.[3]

During the struggle, the Snivvian Sith managed to fight back against Darth Wredd with Force lightning. He then kicked the weakened Sith through the building's window, causing him to land on an outdoor platform. The Snivvian Sith then berated Wredd for interrupting his work and deliberately drawing attention to himself on Carreras. Before the Snivvian Sith could throw his attacker down to his death, Darth Wredd managed to activate his lightsaber and impale the Snivvian through the chest, killing him. Darth Wredd then threw his foe's body down the building, where he was found by several pedestrians. As Wredd had scraped the Snivvian's face during the fight revealing his Sith tattoos, it was only then that the Snivvian politicians and the Galactic Federation Triumvirate learnt that the Snivvian Sith had merely been one of the many Sith infiltrators in their midst.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

"The Sith who was exposed on Cadomai Prime was killed by Darth Wredd. Reports confirm it. This is the same man responsible for the Carreras Incident."
―Master K'Kruhk discussing the threat posed by Darth Wredd[src]

The dead Snivvian Sith infiltrator's body is discovered by pedestrians

News of the assassination of the Snivvian Sith infiltrator on Cadomai Prime soon reached the galactic capital Coruscant. During a meeting between Triumvirate officials including Galactic Empress Marasiah Fel, the Jedi representative confirmed that Darth Wredd had been involved in the killing of the Sith infiltrator on Cadomai Prime. He also linked Darth Wredd to the Carreras Incident. Fel added that Wredd had also assassinated the One Sith infiltrator at the Triumvirate's legation on Ceitia Five. When Empress Fel asked how the Triumvirate should respond, the Jedi replied that he was troubled by the revelation that the underground One Sith order had been systematically infiltrating governments across the galaxy.[3]

Fel's fellow Imperial Knight Antares Draco urged his fellow council members not to ignore the threat posed by Darth Wredd, citing his public threats, destruction of the Carreras array, and his attempt to kill Master Val. The Jedi member added that Wredd had his own independent agenda from the One Sith, which made him more dangerous. The Galactic Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi disagreed with his fellow committee members' views that Darth Wredd posed a threat to the Triumvirate. He argued that they should leave the rogue Sith alone since he was helping them to kill the One Sith. Despite Draco's objections, the Empress was swayed by Stazi's arguments and ordered the Triumvirate not to pursue Wredd. Shortly later, the Imperial Knight Jao Assam received a vision of Darth Wredd attacking Marasiah Fel. This vision led the young Knight to desert his orders and to embark on a quest to hunt down Darth Wredd.[3]

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The Duel on Cadomai Prime served as the main exposition of Star Wars: Legacy: Outcasts of the Broken Ring, the second five-issue story arc in Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman's Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 comic series.

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