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This article is about duel between Minch and Bpfasshi Dark Jedi leader. You may be looking for other duels on Dagobah.

A duel, took place in 700 BBY between Minch, a male Jedi, and a Bpfasshi Dark Jedi on the planet Dagobah. Minch won the duel, but the dark energy of the Bpfasshi remained there.



In year 700 BBY the Council sent a group of Jedi to the Bpfassh system to kill there's users of the dark side. One of them was Minch and his master, T'dai. Minch dueled one of them, but he couldn't win, so others from the group helped him. His enemy killed himself. All Jedi thought, that their mission is finished, but one of Takara's officers reported, that control has detected the unauthorized launch from docking bay 16. Jedi knew, that was a Bpfasshi master. Dark Jedi was trying to escape, so he flew to the planet Dagobah. Wise Jedi masters decided to stay on Dagobah's orbit, but Minch continued the chase and crashed on a planet. Minch ran with his enemy to the cave.


"A Jedi I am. My path is with the Force."
―Minch, before fighting[src]

Opposites were talking for a moment and Minch attacked Dark Jedi. In a moment, Bpfasshi used Force illusion to "rise". Feared Jedi attacked him and he changed into hundreds of very small Bpfasshis. The fighting made faster. After a moment, an illusion finished and opposites found themselves in other places of the cave. Wounded Dark Jedi died in a moment.


After the duel, Minch reported about everything to T'dai and their mission was finished.