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"Useless tricks…I'll finish you off now. Prepare to die!"

A duel took place on the acidic planet Dica between the Confederate General Grievous and Dark Jedi twins Kaa and Lii. When one of the twins stole Grievous's Sith lightsaber collection, the General followed her and confronted her and the other sister on Dica. A duel ensued, during which Grievous, who was using his only remaining lightsaber, struck the stolen lightsabers out of the Dark Jedi hands, accidentally causing the weapons to land on an acidic lake, destroying them. After the Dark Jedi twins quickly withdrew from the duel and fled with their lives, Grievous left the planet, resolving to start gathering Jedi lightsabers to replace the destroyed collection.


"It's true, sir! We believe they were taken by that Dark Jedi."
"Yes, she was acting suspiciously."
―An IG-100 MagnaGuard and Grievous[1]

In hopes of becoming Sith, two Dark Jedi twin sisters, Kaa and Lii, decided to steal the Sith lightsaber collection of the Confederate General Grievous. After one of the twins discovered the location of Grievous and his collection, which consisted of four Sith lightsabers, she successfully entered Grievous's spacecraft and partially convinced the General that she was on his side. Even though the Dark Jedi raised Grievous's suspicions, she was able to steal the lightsaber collection and escape from the ship, after which she headed to the acidic planet Dica. However, the theft was quickly revealed, and Grievous pursued the Dark Jedi on Dica with his personal starfighter.[1]

The duel[]

"You're too slow, Grievous!"

After landing on Dica, the General quickly spotted Kaa standing on a cliff over an acidic lake. When Grievous confronted her, Lii revealed herself, and the Dark Jedi duo raised the stolen Sith lightsabers. Though slightly surprised, Grievous remained confident that he would defeat his enemies in combat. Armed with his sole remaining lightsaber, the General leaped onto the cliff. Grievous first grabbed both of Kaa's lightsabers with one of his cybernetic hands, and when Lii tried to attack him from behind, he grabbed her sabers with his other hand, locking the twins in their positions. However, the twins quickly broke free from the lock and severed a part of Grievous's mask with a swift combined swing. Grievous jumped down from the cliff, attaching himself just below it with his legs, and declared that tricks would not save the Dark Jedi from death. He jumped back on the cliff and disarmed the twins with one swipe of his saber.[1]


"Now begone! It will take more than a Sith weapon to make you a Sith!"

Much to the chagrin of the three combatants, the Sith lightsabers fell off from the cliff, right into the acidic lake, where they quickly disintegrated. With his Sith lightsabers now destroyed, Grievous was outraged, and the now-weaponless sisters chose to flee with their lives. As he prepared to leave the planet, Grievous resolved that he would have to restart his collection of lightsabers, only this time with Jedi lightsabers.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The duel first appeared in Dark Jedi, a short comic story that was included in Tokyopop's Star Wars Manga: Silver anthology. The original 2006 publication of the work was labeled as "Infinities," marking the stories contained within as non-canon.[1] However, comments made by Leland Chee, keeper of Lucasfilm's Holocron continuity database, on StarWars.com later described the continuity of these stories as "a bit fuzzy," indicating their canonicity was ambiguous.[2] In 2008, a French publication of the comic again labeled the stories as Infinities, thus securing their current status as non-canon tales.[3]


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