In 4400 BBY, Jedi apprentice Freedon Nadd engaged his Master Matta Tremayne in a lightsaber duel on the planet Ossus. Furious at his failure to be promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, Nadd declared himself one nonetheless, and Tremayne challenged him to prove it to her through lightsaber combat.

Nadd struggled to match the pace with which his Master fought. After several passes, Nadd noticed and took advantage of an opening in Tremayne's defenses and swung his lightsaber down in a killing blow. At that moment, Tremayne looked into Nadd's eyes and he was filled with a sudden sense of calm. The entire confrontation had been a test manufactured by Tremayne, and Nadd realized at the last moment before his lightsaber cut into the wizened Master. He tried to halt the blade of his falling lightsaber, to no avail; Tremayne, who had deactivated her own weapon, was struck and killed instantly, leaving only her Jedi robes behind as she disappeared into the Force. This act precipitated his subsequent fall to the dark side of the Force.

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