The Duel on Pydyr was a lightsaber duel that occurred on Pydyr in 17 ABY and resulted in Luke Skywalker being captured by Kueller.


After traveling to Pydyr, Luke Skywalker inadvertently triggered the detonation sequence of an explosive hidden within his T-65 X-wing starfighter and crash landed, injuring himself in the process. He found a deserted house, where he was able to partially heal himself with a Pydyrian healing stick, but unknown to him, he was being carefully monitored by Kueller.

Luke went outside the house and was confronted by Kueller and he realized that the Dark Jedi was actually his former student Dolph. Kueller offered to let Luke join him, but the Jedi Master refused, starting a duel between them.

The duelEdit

Kueller drew his lightsaber and slashed it at Luke. Luke drew his own blade and blocked Kueller's swipe with one of his own. Luke continued to parry and defend, waiting for Kueller to make himself open before attacking. Kueller pushed Luke back towards the house and the Jedi stumbled on his injured leg, collapsing onto his knee. Kueller brought his saber down to Luke's shoulder, but Luke was able to roll away just in time, causing his back to burn in agony as dirt from the road ground into his open wounds. Luke pushed himself up and swiped a Kueller, singing the Dark Jedi's cape. Luke held his ground, but Kueller aimed a series of five rapid thrusts that caused him to move back again. Skywalker's ankle buckled, but he didn't fall and Kueller pushed closer, knocking Luke's lightsaber from his hand. Kueller held his blade beneath Luke's chin and said that he should kill him there and then, but that he needed Luke as bait to lure his sister, Leia Organa Solo.


Kueller called over some of his stormtroopers and one of them injected Luke with a syringe to knock him out. They then transported Luke to Almania, where he was locked up with a Thernbee.


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