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The Duel on the Titavian IV happened when Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi received a Jedi distress call from the Titavian IV, an exploration ship from the Intergalactic Zoological Society. Kenobi found Quinlan Vos on the run from a group of Morp droids, which had been unleashed by Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress and Tol Skorr. The two Dark Acolytes had been sent by Count Dooku to hunt down Vos after he failed to obtain a Scientific Instrument Package containing Trihexalophine1138 from Aayla Secura. The assassination attempt was also part of Dooku's plan to place Vos back in the Order as a spy. Vos went along with it seeking to further gain Dooku's trust and learn the identity of his Master, the elusive "Second Sith".


Dooku conceived of a plan to infiltrate the Jedi Order, dispatching Quinlan Vos to return to them, pretending to re-defect back to the Republic. For added credibility, he sent Asajj Ventress and Tol Skorr to retrieve him, intending them to fail but keeping them in the dark about the nature of the mission. Vos fled to the deserted science vessel, Titavian IV, and sent a Jedi distress signal. He repaired his ship and was scrounging the Titavian for supplies when Ventress and Skorr found him. The call for aid was answered by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who boarded the Titavian and found Vos being harassed by Ventress' attack droids. Kenobi decided to aid his former friend, and helped Vos escape the droids. When Kenobi pressed him about his activities, Vos claimed that he was still a Republic agent in the enemy camp. As Kenobi and Vos searched through the Titavian they were again set upon by Ventress' droids, who herded them to Ventress and Skorr themselves.[1]

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While Skorr attacked Vos, Ventress fixated on Kenobi. Skorr managed to subdue Vos, though Kenobi evaded Ventress and released a Rancor from its onboard holding pen, effectively siccing it on Ventress and Skorr. While they broke off to deal with it, Kenobi rescued Vos. Vos was sent out it Kenobi's one-man starfighter to retrieve his own ship, the Skorp-Ion, while Kenobi delayed Ventress and Skorr. However, Kenobi was forced to contend with the Rancor as well, as Ventress managed to dominate it. Kenobi made it to the hangar, where he was attacked by Skorr aboard his own ship. Leaping atop Ventress Rancor mount, Kenobi kicked her off and killed the beast before retreating to an overhead catwalk. Ventress pursued him and attacked, but was forced to break off when Skorr fired on the platform.[1]

Unfortunately, Skorr was himself shot down by Vos aboard the Skorp-Ion, allowing Kenobi and Vos to flee. However, Ventress had placed a tracer aboard Vos' ship, allowing her to track Vos. Despite this, the retrieval was a failure, and adding insult to injury, Ventress and Skorr were in turn retrieved by Grievous.[1]


Kenobi brought Vos before Master Saesee Tiin just prior to the Battle of Rendili, and Vos was disarmed and incarcerated. However, during the battle, power surges aboard the Republic flagship from the battle damage allowed Vos to escape and retrieve his weapons. Taking a Jedi starfighter, Vos joined the Republic forces. Vos' aid proved instrumental to the Republic victory.[1]


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