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This war was waged among the Dugs, an aggressive sentient species native to the Malastare system, and the ZeHethbra, who came from the nearby planet ZeHeth.[1]

After joining the Galactic Republic, the ZeHethbra started to travel through the galaxy and colonize several worlds.[2] While doing so, the ZeHethbra reached Malastare and began to establish settlements in the area.[1]

The locals, known as Dugs, were a rude, insulting people prone to violence when angry — a trait that led them to several wars with other species. The Dugs disliked their new neighbors and this eventually led to a war among the two species.[1]

After this conflict and several other similar ones among Dugs and other species, the Galactic Republic, disapproving the Dug attitude, imposed a number of sanctions on the Dugs.[1]


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