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―Dug farewell meaning "Don't trip on your way out!" — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Dug was the native language of the Dug species from the planet Malastare.

As Dugs were a subservient species to the Grans, Dug language was not as widely used as Dugs would like to be since the Gran language was usually preferred.

Although many Dugs were forced to learn Gran, most of them decided not to learn Basic, hoping to force others to learn Dug language, thus acknowledging their society.

Known wordsEdit

Dug writing

Doge Nakha Urus reads a scroll about the Zillo Beast written in the Dug language

  • Asyui-ln ("not")
  • Chicka ("this")
  • Dai ("yours")
  • Etchoota! ("What's your problem?")[1]
  • Gongadan! ("Don't trip on your way out!" used as an aggressive farewell)[1]
  • Poodoo ("fodder")
  • Alec ("him")
  • Alen ("she")
  • Speden ("speeder")
  • slimo ( slimeball )
  • Yoka (you)
  • to (are)
  • oda (scum)
  • chouwa (again)

Notable non-native speakers of DugEdit

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