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A Dug cavalier[2] was a type of soldier of the Dug species that served in the planet Malastare's armed forces during the Clone Wars. Dug cavaliers rode[1] insectomorph[2] creatures on saddles, wore armor and used electrostaves. The cavaliers saw service in the Battle of Malastare[1] in 22 BBY[3][4] when the Confederacy of Independent Systems tried to conquer the world. Together with their allies, the clone army of the Galactic Republic, the cavaliers fought the Separatist Droid Army, but the Dug cavalry charges proved ineffective against the firepower of the battle droids and they suffered heavy casualties. The allies nevertheless won the battle due to the use of an electro-proton bomb that deactivated the Separatist forces. However, the explosion of the bomb awakened an ancient Zillo Beast creature that wreaked havoc in the allied armies before it could be subdued.[1]

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Dug cavaliers first appeared in "The Zillo Beast", the eighteenth episode of Season Two of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, which was aired on April 3, 2010. Although they were not named in the episode, the cavaliers received a title in its corresponding episode guide on[2]

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