Duinarbulon was a planet located within the Tion Cluster in the Outer Rim Territories. One of the original member-worlds of the Kingdom of Cron, it was absorbed into Xim's empire. This planet was home to the Duinarbulon Star Lancers, the elite soldiers of Xim's empire that fought for him during the war against the Hutts. According to later legend, massive stones of polished ebon marked their Parade Grounds, though by the era of the Galactic Empire, any sign of these stones had vanished, and Ximologists considered the Parade Grounds on Duinarbulon that survived to be obvious fakes to attract tourists.[2]

The Star Lancers were ultimately defeated at the Second Battle of Vontor in 25,100 BBY. After Xim's empire collapsed, Duinarbulon escaped much of the turmoil that racked the Tion Cluster and became a pastoral world, eventually joining the Cronese Mandate after the rise of the Galactic Empire.

The Great Duinarbulon Mausoleum was another Xim-era structure on the planet. It was here that Henrietya Antilles recovered the Antilles Map, and so discovered the lost location of Astigone.


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