The Duinarbulon Star Lancers were elite mounted warriors recruited from the planet Duinarbulon who served the Kingdom of Cron and the Empire of Xim the Despot.[1][2][3]


Originally warriors for the Kingdom of Cron, the Star Lancers came into the service of Xer VIII following his takeover of the Kingdom, and later served the empire of Xer's son, Xim.[1][2]

They fought for Xim on a number of worlds during the wars with the Hutts, but were eventually defeated during the Second Battle of Vontor in about 25,100 BBY after Xim abandoned the battlefield to escape with a haul of precious Vontorian kiirium. During the engagement, the Star Lancers were overrun by Jilruan flecheteers mounted atop Cyborrean battlemounts, Weequays, and Cyborrean heavy infantry.[2][3]

Legend had it that seven massive monoliths of polished ebon marked the Star Lancers' parade grounds.[1] These had long-since vanished by the time of the Galactic Civil War, and Ximologists considered the "Parade Grounds" that then existed on Duinarbulon to be obvious fakes that no soldier of Xim had ever set foot on.[2]

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Duinarbulon Star Lancers were considered to be a myth. During the recovery operations surrounding Mount Tantiss on the planet Wayland following the assault on Mount Tantiss, New Republic archaeologists believed they had found the Duinarbulon Stones. Lead archaeologist Garv Debble was excited at the prospect as the discovery of the Stones would be the first proof that the Star Lancers were, indeed, real. However, the crystals thought to be the gems were not the Duinarbulon Stones.[4]


The Croke poet Asenec of Crakull described in detail the Star Lancers' equipment in his poem "The Gleam of Kiirium". A Star Lancer was armored with a gloss-black coat of ionic mail made from kiirium ceramic, designed to reflect laserfire back on to the enemy. The death's head emblem of Xim's empire was embroidered on the coat. The Star Lancers were mounted atop Galdrian mustangs.[2]

The Lancers were armed with a Duinarbulon-made lance, with a handgrip made from Raxan seaweed and a reflective vamplate to protect the hand, also made of kiirium. The point was poisoned with malkite themfar.[2] The Star Lancers were additionally armed with beam-tubes, distant ancestors of the blaster. Beam-tubes were bulky and slow to fire, with contemporary power packs offering only one hundred shots, so beam-tubers alternated fire by squad and carried large power generators on hoversleds. Nevertheless, they were much safer to carry and required less maintenance than the heatbeams and plasma cannons carried by the rest of Xim's military.[3]



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