"Assisted Jedi Master Tra's M'ins in mediation of Duinuogwuin–Gotal conflict 1\68 to 4\66 PE."
―Galactic Senate records on Jorus C'baoth[2]

The Duinuogwuin–Gotal conflict was a short yet devastating war between the Duinuogwuins and Gotals, two otherwise friendly species, in the last decades of the Galactic Republic. Rumor suggested that the sensitivity of the Gotal head cones had given rise to the clash through misguided interpretation of the Duinuogwuins' feelings. The conflict was settled in or at some point before 27 BBY thanks to the intervention of Tra's M'ins and Jorus C'baoth, two Jedi diplomats mandated by the Republic.

The conflict[]

The conflict may have started because of the sensitivity of the Gotals' head cones.

The Duinuogwuin–Gotal conflict was a two-year-long war[2] that was brought to an end in or at some point before 27 BBY.[1] The conflict was between the Gotals, horned humanoids native to the moon Antar 4, and the Duinuogwuins, a species of winged, serpentine beings. The latter were normally reputed for being friendly and gregarious with strangers,[3] and the Gotals were usually diplomatic and polite when interacting with members of other species.[4]

Some speculated that the conflict between the two otherwise peaceful species was related to the sensitivity of the Gotal head cones. In fact, the Gotals used their nerve–filled horns to sense their environment and also to interpret the emotions of each other.[4] According to old myths, their sensory horns could even detect evil.[5] In truth, the Gotals still had a hard time when dealing with the emotions of other races, often mistaking mere affection for love, envy for murderous intent, or mild anger for imminent violence,[4] and such misinterpretation had led the Gotals into clashes with other cultures.[6]

Although brief, the conflict was devastating. Eventually, the Galactic Republic sent the Jedi Masters Jorus C'baoth and Tra's M'ins to mediate a peace. It was C'baoth, an experienced diplomat who had notably taken part in the demobilization of the planet Ando, who arranged an end to the hostilities[2] before they grew into a full-scale war.[4] However, even following the resolution of the conflict, the difficulty that Gotals experienced in interpreting the emotions of others became the source of new frictions. Indeed, just prior to the start of the Clone Wars[7] in 22 BBY,[8] a group of Gotal extremists[7] known as the Roshu Sune[9] engaged in a bloody clash with the Jedi Order.[7]

The Galactic Senate of the Republic maintained records on the event.[2] In 9 ABY,[10] Luke Skywalker, the first of a new generation of Jedi, read a brief mention of C'baoth's involvement in the conflict while searching the Senate's records on the late Jedi Master.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"One of the more subtle goofs in Heir is in the dating. […] Personally, I put it down to the chaos of information loss during the Empire, and sloppy work on the part of post–Empire historians."
―Timothy Zahn[11]

The Duinuogwuin–Gotal conflict was first mentioned in the 1992 novel Dark Force Rising, the second installment of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy. In that book, the conflict was said to have taken place between 68 to 66 "Pre–Empire."[2] However, Zahn's original dating was based on when he believed the Clone Wars had occurred. By then, the definitive timeline of the Clone Wars had not been settled yet, and Star Wars authors were told that the conflict had taken place thirty-five years before Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. The release of the prequel trilogy between 1999 and 2005 established that the Clone Wars ended only nineteen years before Episode IV. Therefore, all the pre–Empire dates featured in the Thrawn Trilogy were rendered erroneous.[11] In his more recent Outbound Flight novel, Zahn placed the death of Jorus C'baoth in 27 BBY,[12] thereby providing an approximate date for the Duinuogwuin–Gotal conflict.[1] In Heir to the Empire: The 20th Anniversary Edition, Zahn expressed his theory that the incorrect dates used in the trilogy were the work of careless in-universe historians.[11]



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