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Duchess Satine Kryze

"Subject identified as Duchess Satine Kryze."
A police probe on Coruscant[1]

A male duke or female duchess was a title of nobility. In many cases, this title was passed down through the family bloodline. The wife of a duke automatically became known as a duchess, regardless of family lineage, and vice versa.

Duchess Satine Kryze was a pacifist aristocrat hailing from Kalevala. During the Clone Wars, she ruled over the New Mandalorians.[2]

Duke of Serenno was a title held by Rodas Borgin in 3 BBY.[3]

Marcha of Mastigophorous was the Duchess of her family at the time of the First Corellian Insurrection.[4]

His Grace the Duke Gadal-Herm's Safety Inspectorate manufactured Jedi Master Yoda's escape pod, and was presumably founded by Duke Gadal-Herm.[5]

The Nyemarians were led by a duchess, who resided in the Nyemari Royal Palace.[6]



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