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Dunari was a Human male entrepreneur who was an old friend of Tomaas Azzameen and the founder and owner of Dunari's Rest Casino during the Galactic Civil War. He was also the leader of a powerful and large trading coalition based in the Outer Rim Territories, mainly the Mayagil sector.

Biography[edit | edit source]

It was known that he and Tomaas used to make Kessel Runs with Imperials in Hot Pursuit. What they both lacked in finesse they made up with luck. He had his own Muurian transport called Deadman's Hand.

In 3 ABY after the Galactic Empire destroyed the Rebels' main supply center on Gal Milnor late in the war, the Rebel Alliance was in dire need of resources and supplies and called on Dunari and his coalition to provide them, a call he accepted.

In his personal SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 Raw Deal with the Rebel Alliance who had sent a Muurian transport Saloon, he negotiated a deal for his trading coalition to secretly supply the Rebels for their attack on the Second Death Star at Endor. But he didn't expect the Hurrim, lead by Golov Nakhym, to betray them at the Nezni system by firing on innocent civilians. Dunari then removed the Hurrim from his coalition and placed bounties on their heads.

He also helped Ace Azzameen to rescue his brother, Emon Azzameen, who was captured by the Imperials and was being held at Quesna Base.

Soon Dunari's casino was attacked by Imperials tipped of by the Hurrim. But the attack was repelled and Dunari was able to get the guests and the personnel, along with Emon out of the casino and into safety.

Fed up with the Hurrim, the Alliance and Dunari's forces launched a full-scale assault on the Hurrim's nearby asteroid base, rescuing Dunari's men and destroying the station, while capturing the notorious Golov Nakhym.

With the Hurrim defeated, Dunari's supply operation for the Alliance was able to continue unimpeded and played a critical role in insuring the Rebels had the resources they needed for their successful attack on the Empire's new Death Star.

He was also responsible for getting Emon, Ace and Aeron out of an Imperial ambush at Kessel Station after Antan, their uncle, had betrayed them.

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