Dura-armor[1] or DuraArmour[5] was an incredibly durable, industrial-strength material that was capable of absorbing and re-directing blaster energy away from it. Consisting of the substances neutronium, lommite and zersium, all set in a specific matrix,[1] dura-armor could be used to construct shields,[4] armor,[2] and helmets.[3]

During the reign of the Galactic Republic, in the years surrounding the Great Sith War, Core World Arms used dura-armor to manufacture impact-resistant molded armor. Each suit cost 8,000 credits and protected the wearer from crashes and falls.[2]

The labor droid Bollux was equipped with a dura-armor shield for his gladiatorial combat against a Mark X Executioner at the Stars' End facility.[4] During combat on the planet Kestos Minor, Imperial storm commando Modigal Glave's helmet was shattered by a point-blank blaster shot which sent fragments of dura-armor into his face, scarring him on the right side. Glave single-handedly fended off a platoon of Rebels until AT-ATs arrived despite the pain.[3]

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"DuraArmour" (as it is spelled in the manual) is a game mechanic stat in the strategy game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. This stat, possessed by each unit and building, defines protection from long-range attacks.



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