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"Fain is an undisciplined maverick, but he has great charisma—incredible skill at influencing others through the Force."
―Syo Bakarn[src]

Duras Fain was a male Human Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire. He was stationed on Nar Shaddaa during the final year of the stalemate and fell victim to the plague of Vivicar, a mysterious Sith Lord


A maverick within the Jedi Order by the time of the Cold War, Duras Fain was a Human Jedi Master who had fathered a daughter whom he named Laranna. Having served the Jedi extensively throughout the Great Galactic War, he claimed to have had an affair with fellow Jedi Yuon Par during their time on Malachor III. In truth, the Jedi that traveled to the dreaded world were all inundated by the dark side, all except for Parkanas Tark. Fleeing the world, Fain and his comrades regretted to lose track of Tark before their shuttle left; leaving him for dead. At the start of the Cold War, Fain traveled with Master Syo Bakarn and met Tharan Cedrax for the first time. Training Laranna as a Padawan, the pair were assigned to Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon, where they served the Republic and the Jedi High Council's interests. In the wake of a string of strange illnesses affecting the Jedi Order's greatest Masters, High Councilor Syo Bakarn believed Fain had succumbed to this psychosis and had achieved leadership status within a criminal organization known as the Guiding Hand. Noted for his charisma and great ability to command others through his strength in the Force, Bakarn dispatched a Jedi Knight to prevent Fain from raising an army. Bakarn instructed the Knight to make contact with a Tharan Cedrax, a former colleague of Fain's, in hopes that he might help in the Order's search for their missing Jedi Master.

In his psychosis, Fain had began gathering together the gangs of Nar Shaddaa to stand against the Hutt Cartel, finding particular strength in the Nikto Sector. Amassing weapons and followers, Fain hoped that his old friend Tharan Cedrax would join his Guiding Hand but when a Jedi Knight disguised as a member of the Red Light Lancers gained notoriety, Fain requested to meet them in the Red Light Sector instead. Meeting with the Jedi Knight via hologram from a secure location in Shadow Town, he informed the young Jedi that he was well aware of their identity and the mission which Master Bakarn had assigned to them. Ordering the Jedi be killed, Fain surrounded himself by Morgukai warriors within the Shadow Town residential compound. When the Jedi Knight infiltrated the facility with the help of its creator, Tharan Cedrax, Fain was waiting for his hunter in his own command center. Taunting the Jedi Knight, Fain alleged that his affair with Par had caused the death of Parkanas Tark on Malachor III, and it was this event that had begun their shared psychosis. Defeated by the Knight, who paid off Cartel enforcers to ensure his safety, the Knight cured Fain and redeemed him of the plague. Upon learning of his actions, Fain was distressed and vowed to return to Tython in order to receive the punishment the High Council decided to pursue.



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