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"Veermoks may be strong, but those are durasteel bars. I don't see how they could do this kind of damage."
Milo Graf[1]

Durasteel plating

Durasteel was a type of metal alloy used for a variety of purposes, ranging from combat armor to buildings. More resistant than standard steel but weaker than the common alloys of titanium,[2] durasteel was able to protect against kinetic damage,[3] so it was often used for defensive plating on military starships.[2]

Production and usage[]

Zersium was an ore critical to the making of durasteel, and was found in the bedrock of the planet Nag Ubdur. Because of this, the Galactic Empire strip-mined the planet to make use of its ore deposits.[4]

Durasteel could also be transformed into a pliant material. The weapons technicians of the Empire wore black durasteel gloves.[5]

Part of the Calcoraan Depot was made of durasteel, and Denetrius Vidian was placed in durasteel cuffs when he was captured by Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Skelly, and Zaluna Myder. Additionally, the starship Forager possessed a catwalk made of heavy durasteel.[6] The Millennium Falcon was armored with a form-fitted durasteel shell.[7]


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