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Durkteel was a agricultural planet located in the galaxy's Mid Rim that was the homeworld of the reptilian Saurin species.[1] Durkteel was also the homeworld of Mattis Banz, a Force-sensitive human who joined the Resistance. Lund Gourley and Lund Berlo were cities located on Durkteel.[4]


This planet was liberated by the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Mid Rim Offensive, but abandoned in the subsequent retreat. By 4 ABY, the Empire had yet to reoccupy it.[2]

In 4 ABY, the Alliance circulated rumors that Mon Mothma would make a visit to the former rebel base in the Tak-Beam complex as part of a number of diversionary operations designed to distract the Empire from their preparations for the attack on Endor. To provide weight to the rumors, Mothma decided to actually go there herself. Her aide Hendri Underholt convinced her to let her go in her place.[2]

Shortly after her arrival on the planet, three Imperial Star Destroyers arrived on the planet, following the rumors. Rather than deploying to the planet to capture or otherwise engage with the possible Rebel forces, the Imperial commander simply bombarded the area from orbit.[2]

Around 34 ABY, a construction crew breaking ground to build a new comm tower discovered a sealed room containing several relics from the war, including an armored case that was later discovered to hold The Rebel Files. Vaxvissh Kal Ness was the planetary governor at the time, and had sent the Alliance files to the New Republic.[2]

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