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Durkteel was a Mid Rim world with a population of approximately 3.2 billion at the dawn of the Clone Wars. It was the homeworld of the Saurin, a subspecies of Trandoshan with human-like hands. Durkteel was located along the Durkteel Loop.[1]



Hrchek Kal Fas followed the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 out of Chalmun's Cantina but lost them in the streets of Mos Eisley.

The Saurin's distant ancestors hailed from Trandosha, like all Trandoshans. Nevertheless, they split off from their mainline cousins at some point in their evolutionary history.[3] Physiological differences developed in the Saurin subspecies, included differently colored eyes and more digits on each hand.[4]

The Saurin—or possible their Trandoshan ancestors—eventually made their way to Durkteel,[5] a world situated a short distance from Trandosha along the Durkteel Loop hyperlane in the neighboring Kastolar sector.[6] Sometime between 15,000 and 8000 BBY, Durkteel became part of the greater galaxy[7] within the heavily explored region known as the Slice.[8]

Durkteel eventually became a wealthy agriworld, and investments included the construction of an ever-increasing number of orbiting space stations. Saurin pioneers joined Borneck and Wookiee counterparts in the colonization of Yitabo, a world that lay at the junction of the Durkteel Loop and the Pabol Sleheyron. Yitabo eventually became a minor agriworld in its own right.[5] Investors swelled Saurin coffers with billions of credits in agribusiness, and over time the Saurin became one of the three most powerful indigenous groups in the greater Kashyyyk Region, along with the Wookiees of Kashyyyk and the Bimms of Bimmisaari.[6]

Durkteel did not avoid the influence of powerful neighbors beyond the region. By 5000 BBY, their world and the hyperlanes that connected it with the otherside had fallen into the control of the Hutts, making Durkteel part of Hutt Space.[9] This influence had been broken by 4000 BBY, when the borders of Hutt Space retracted.[10] Shortly thereafter, however, the Jedi Civil War erupted, and by 3959 BBY, Durkteel had fallen into a region of space controlled by Darth Revan as part of his Sith Empire a situation that persisted until 3956 BBY.[11] Hutt encroachment in the Kashyyyk Region brought Durkteel once more into the borders of Hutt Space by 1004 BBY,[12] and again between 52 and 32 BBY.[13]

Durkteel joined the Galactic Republic by 22 BBY. With the eruption of the Separatist Crisis that year, Durkteel sided with the Republic. The planet became a member of the Refugee Relief Movement, a group whose goal was to aid those fleeing conflict zones. Later that year, Durkteel joined nine other worlds to form the Refugee Resettlement Coalition; members agreed to relax immigration laws and take in more refugees. Durkteel's population was 3.2 billion at this time.[2]

Nevertheless, Durkteel's proximity to Hutt Space once again placed its Saurin population in Hutt Space. As the Clone Wars erupted, the Saurin found their world in Separatist Space as well.[14] Hutt Space had once again retracted, leaving the Saurin outside its grasp, by 4 BBY.[15] By 137 ABY, however, Durkteel and its population fell within the region of space controlled by Darth Krayt as part of his Galactic Empire.[16]



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