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Duroon was a planet in Corporate Sector visited by Han Solo in 2 BBY.


During the Cold War, a Sarlacc which had died of disease was pulled above ground to have its stomach searched for any antiquities.[3]

During the Clone Wars, the planet was located within Separatist space.

The planet was governed by the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) and was located well within "steer clear territory". As such the Sector Police did not take well to the smuggler's illegal activities in the system.

The planet held a single major Corporate Sector Authority military installation. Captain Solo attempted to evade the Authority's sensors by flying over a huge, active volcanic fissure located on the opposite side of the planet. Solo also made use of the planet's mountainous terrain to escape when pursued by a heavily-armed CSA warship. Duroon was also home to lush jungles, full of twenty-meter high plants that resembled ferns. Duroon had three moons.

This warm and foggy planet had no native sentient life, but it did contain an atmosphere suitable for most humanoid species and was home to a diverse array of exotic native creatures. According to the recollections of Captain Solo, these included strange "lacy white things" that resembled "flying dollies" and "swam through the air with ripples of their thin bodies." He also reported sighting a small, green, spheroid creature that navigated its way through the jungle by bouncing on its smooth form, extruding an eye-bump when needing to view its surrounding.



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