The MerenData Duros Bio-Comp 1000 was an organic computer system.

A specialized piece of technology, the Bio-comp 1000 was an adaptation of Duros biotechnology into an entirely organic computer system. Essentially a collection of microscopic lifeforms contained in a fluid culture, these life forms mixed and reacted to electrical impulses to group together in specific structures capable of storing data in their formations. The power systems of the computer were provided by a separate species of organisms, which performed a specialized high energy photosynthesis within the computer's chassis. Data processing itself was carried out via complex bio-chemical fibers that stored instructions and modified the combinations of the data-storage organisms.

Due to the entirely organic nature of the computer, it was capable of effecting regeneration and performing repairs on even serious damage itself; because of this, the computer was considered to be completely maintenance-free - though time of regeneration varied on how much it had to regenerate. Additionally, because of its self-contained power plant, it was considered to be virtually independent from any external power source. These qualities made it an extremely sought after piece of technology for those wanting a system that was virtually dependent and exclusive from galactic technology; though it was extremely expensive at 35,000 credits.


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