This article is about the area of Nar Shaddaa. You may be looking for the Core Worlds Duro sector.

The Duros Sector was a district of Nar Shaddaa. It was inhabited throughout its existence primarily by Duros, hence its name. It was one of the moon's poorest regions.


Old Republic EraEdit

During the Cold War, the sector was also inhabited by a variety of alien war refugees from across the galaxy seeking shelter from the expanding Sith Empire. Because of this, it was the location of much resistance to Imperial rule.

Madel Felth, an Imperial Intelligence officer, was charged with leading operations against the rebels in the sector. The rebellion had the direct support of the Jedi Order, which sent several Knights to join the fight against the Empire.

Rise of the Empire EraEdit

In the decades prior to the Clone Wars, it received large-scale funding from the Neimoidians of the Trade Federation and was known throughout the galaxy as a cosmopolitan haven of the Outer Rim. It contained the Old Duros Spaceport and a secret tunnel entrance into the Corellian Sector.

After the fall of the Trade Federation and the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Duros Sector fell into disrepair and malaise, assuming the character of the rest of the moon. Many Neimoidians living there assumed the identity of Duros. By the early years of the Empire, the sector had become abandoned, inhabited only by semi-intelligent predators. It then became known as the Old Duros Sector.



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