The Duros lending tradition was the collective name of the local customs Duros followed when a Duros lending institution loaned money to another party so that this party could buy an item, for example a starship.

The debt then could be paid in pre-set units according to a schedule, or as a one-time payment of money with an interest of one-tenth of the original value. The lending traditions strictly forbid any debt restructuring.

Following the tradition, the loan applies to the bought goods, not to the party asking for it. Should this person sell the goods to a different individual, then the new owner would be also buying the remainder of the debt — something that the seller could say to the buyer if an honest deal was made. Should the original debtor die before the payment was ended, then the debtor's inheritors would inherit both the goods and the remainder of the debt; if there were no inheritors, the goods might be sold. Notice that the lending institution could not requise the goods in this case because it did not have any claim to the goods, only to the profits made from the goods.

If and only if the debt cannot be filled, then the lending institution can and should both requise the bought goods and revoke all the credit to the debtor. This would suppose a severe social stigma in the Duros society.

Duros Captain Mirchidi NeMall followed the Duros lending traditions when buying his ship, the Starfeld ZH-25 Questor NeHimmep.


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