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Dust was an espionage tool that was developed by GAR Procurement Development during the Clone Wars. Composed of microscopic dust-like transmitters, in appearance it looked like powdered permaglass. It was used to track targets or could be scattered on the battlefield for invisible monitoring.

There was an individual tracking mechanism included in each batch, which was used to tag targets. Dust was most effective when directed at the mouth or face of a target so that it was inhaled. It was slightly sticky, enabling it to attach itself to the victim; and could actively transmit for four to five weeks.

With the aid of an optical EM filter, which detects electromagnetic emissions, Dust could be visually distinguished, casting a pinkish brown tinge on the image.

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During the mission to Coruscant, Jedi General Bardan Jusik "liberated" a quantity of Dust from Procurement Development for use by the team involved in the sting operation. Fi, Scorch, and other members of Delta and Omega Squad used Dust to track a group of Separatist terrorists buying explosives from Kal Skirata, who was posing as an arms dealer.

General Jusik adapted the Dust into a projectile round for use with Verpine shatter gun. When delivered this way, the range had to be judged very accurately so that it would not disperse too far away from the target.

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