"I'm Rogun's best—you think a few shots to the head can stop me?"

"Dust" was a male Abyssin bounty hunter living during the Galactic War and Rogun the Butcher's best assassin. He had a reputation for dying multiple times, but always coming back. In 3641 BBY Rogun send Dust to Belsavis, on assignment to kill Ivory and the smuggler later known as Voidhound. He first attempted to kill the smuggler in the High Security Section with the help of officer Legat, but got shot in the head instead. Later, he attacked Voidhound and Ivory in the Tomb, when the two cooperated and shot him down again. He managed to get up and attack them again before being killed once more. This time, the two criminals left the scene before Dust could arise and hunt them again.

Behind the scenesEdit

If Guss Tuno is the player's companion, he will identify Dust. Since Dust is killed by the player three times and revives on screen at least once, his death described here may not be the ultimate one.


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