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"During the years of the Empire, a Troig named DwuirsinTabb raised a controversy regarding what to do when the health of one threatens the other."
―New Republic guide to various species[src]

Dwuirsintabb, also known as Dwuir and Tabb, was a male Troig native to Pollillus. During the Separatist Crisis, one of his two independent heads, Dwuir, wanted to be surgically separated from the other head, Tabb, a process that would give Tabb no chance for survival. Such treatment was unavailable on Pollillus, so the Troig appealed for offworld help, to the great interest of the media and many in the medical profession, who were intrigued by such a complex moral dilemma. A HoloNet News report was published, along with a reader's poll asking if Dwuir and Tabb should be separated, though, ultimately, nothing came of the issue.


Poor relations[]

"Dwuir is seeking separation from Tabb, whom he describes as mentally disturbed and suicidal. The catch is that the two share the same body."
―Holonet News report[src]

Dwuirsintabb was a Troig, born on the technologically backward planet of Pollillus,[1] located near the Koornacht Cluster of the Deep Core,[2] during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. As Troigs possessed two heads—know as the Saprah and Saprin—both capable of independent thought and speech, they were, in essence, two beings sharing a single body; Dwuirsintabb was no exception, and his two heads, known as Dwuir and Tabb, both had vastly differing personalities. Tabb, according to Dwuir, was mentally unstable and suicidal, and Dwuir wished for the two "brothers" to be surgically separated; however, things were complicated somewhat by the fact that only one of them could possibly live through any attempts at surgery. Additionally, such complex surgery was not available on Pollillus, though Dwuir would not be deterred, and began to seek offworld help.[1]


"We can't just separate and kill Tabb, but leaving them together puts both of them at risk."
―Senya Velop[src]

The issue quickly garnered the attention of many offworlders, particularly those in the medical profession, which was propelled by intense media coverage. The case raised serious ethical questions, and many considered it unfair to sacrifice Tabb for Dwuir's sake. A HoloNet News report, published during the Separatist Crisis, documented Dwuirsintabb's story, and included an image of the two heads at the center of the controversy. Doctor Senya Velop of the Rhire Medical Academy commented on the case to HoloNet reporters, stating that, while killing Tabb was unacceptable, keeping them together also put them both at danger, because of his mental instability.[1] A HoloNet News poll was taken, asking subscribers if Dwuirsintabb should have been separated or not; at one point, it was revealed that 61% of the votes cast called for them to be separated, while 39% called for the opposite.[3] Ultimately, nothing came of the situation. The debate raged on well into the Imperial era, though. As late as the time of the New Republic, sentientologists were unable to find a public outcome to the controversy.[2]



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