"I'll take these…uh…this one!"
―Llez, ready to do battle with a Dyclops[1]

The Dyclops were a sentient species who, despite their mostly humanoid body, were distinguished by their two heads, both of which featured a mouth, a single eye, and an ear. In the early days of the Galactic Empire, a Dyclops had joined the Red Fury Brotherhood, a pirate group led by Reddjak. The Dyclops served as a gunner aboard the Blood Brother, Reddjak's starship.

Biology and appearance[]

A Dyclops hit in the chest

The Dyclops were a species of two-headed sentients, similar in that respect[1] to the Troigs of the planet Pollillus.[3] Other than that, their body was similar to that of humanoids, since they walked on two legs, had an upper torso, and two arms. They had knees that bent forward, allowing them to sit on their buttocks or haunches with their back upright. When seated, a Dyclops was considerably taller than an R2-series astromech droid, which stood 0.96 meters tall.[2]

A Dyclops had two egg-shaped heads, each featuring a lipped mouth and a single eye shadowed by a dark eyebrow. A single, fleshy ear emerged from the outer side of each head. Once opened, each mouth revealed a full set of white, blunt teeth. However, they lacked an apparent nose and were also hairless except for their eyebrows. At least one individual belonging to the species sported purple skin, and both their irises and sclerae were yellow. Dyclops had four-fingered hands with an opposable thumb that allowed them to finely grasp and handle objects. Their fingers had rounded, swollen tips and displayed characteristic horizontal indentations. The upper chest of a Dyclops was one of their vulnerable points, and a direct hit there could knock an individual unconscious.[1]

Society and culture[]

"Firing all plasma torpedoes now, Captain!"
"Heh, heh…Just like shooting acid rats in a crater!"
―The two heads of a Dyclops pirate[1]

As was the case with the Troigs,[3] the two heads of a Dyclops were treated as a single individual. Sometimes, the two heads shared thoughts, one beginning a sentence and the other finishing it. Like many humanoids, they expressed mirth by smiling and laughing. At least one Dyclops spoke Galactic Basic Standard fluently.[1]

Dyclops in the galaxy[]

In the early days of Emperor Palpatine's Galactic Empire, a Dyclops participated in piracy and served as a gunner aboard the Blood Brother, a modified Consular III-class cruiser commanded by the pirate Reddjak, leader of the Red Fury Brotherhood. Llez, a green-skinned youngling who had been lured aboard the Blood Brother on one occasion, incapacitated the Dyclops. Zell, ambassador of the planet Majoor and father of Llez, later ordered the gunner's arrest along with the rest of the ship's crew.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

A two-headed Troig

"Would've been nice if it/they could've been a Troig, but it just wasn't matching up. I've learned through trial and error not to make the galaxy unnecessarily small."
―Abel G. Peña[src]

A Dyclops was a member of a pirate crew in Droids (1986) 3, a comic book first published by Marvel's Star Comics imprint in August 1986. The character, created by writer Dave Manak and artist John Romita, appeared in a mere seven panels and was never referred to in the story by name or species.[1] In June 2013, writers Rich Handley and Abel G. Peña identified the character's species in the first part of the article "The Droids Re-Animated," published in the official Star Wars Blog.[4] On TheForce.net's Jedi Council Forums, Peña later noted that he had considered identifying the two-headed character as a Troig, but the details simply did not match well enough.[5] Indeed, the Troigs have four arms, a tail with a spiked bulge, and each of their heads has two eyes and two ears.[3]



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