The Dying Sun was an Interdictor-class cruiser that was used by the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War.

History[edit | edit source]

The Dying Sun served as the flagship of the Sith Lord Darth Glovoc during the Jedi Civil War. Near to the end of the war, Glovoc had a vision of a world and, after his records revealed that the one place that matched his vision was the Luire system, he set course for there in the Dying Sun, to investigate the mysterious world. While the starship traveled through hyperspace, on it's way to the system, Glovoc slept and tried to see what lay on the mysterious world's surface, but he found that his mind was unable to penetrate the world.

When the Dying Sun arrived in the Luire system, the ship's captain went to Glovoc's chambers and informed him of their arrival. Glovoc ordered the captain to bring the ship towards the Luire system's fifth planet, Nyriaan, which the Sith Lord believed was the world that he had seen in his vision. The Sun moved towards Nyriaan and then carried out a detailed scan of the area surrounding the planet. However, the ship's active sensors were detected by the Galactic Republic, which sent a strike force to attack the cruiser.

Glovoc was concentrating all of his attention on Nyriaan and didn't sense the approaching Republic ships until it was too late. The resulting battle was very violent and the Sith succeeded in destroying three Republic cruisers and many Republic starfighters. However, the Republic forces inflicted heavy fire on the Dying Sun and fired many torpedoes at it. The ship was crippled and eventually became caught in Nyriaan's gravity well. It broke up into several pieces, which then fell to the planet's surface. The Republic forces declared that they had been victorious in the battle and never investigated what the Dying Sun had been doing at Nyriaan, as they had assumed it had just been hiding there to avoid discovery.

Despite the damaged inflicted to the Dying Sun, Darth Glovoc and a number of the crew members survived the crash. Glovoc put himself into stasis inside an oubliette and over the years, the descendants of the survivors became inbred and depraved, worshiping the sleeping Glovoc as a god.

Following formation of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire in 130 ABY, Sith agents began to hear rumors of the Dying Sun and its crash on Nyriaan. In 132 ABY, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt sent Darth Vurik to Nyriaan, to investigate the rumors. There, Vurik encountered the descendants of the Dying Sun's crew and attempted to find Darth Glovoc's oubliette.

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