"You only have to endure this prison for a few hours more, then you shall be free."
"And soon after that, we shall be free!"
―Eamon Yzalli and Dynba Tesc[1]

Dynba Tesc was a Human female native to Garqi. In 6 ABY, while studying at Garqi Agricultural University, Tesc became involved with a group of students who opposed Imperial rule of their homeworld by slicing New Republic slogans and graphics into the comnet. After she graffitied an anti-Imperial message on the side of the Imperial Court building in Pesktda, Tesc was arrested and subjected to narco-interrogation about the group and their possible links to the New Republic. She escaped custody with the help of Corran Horn, a former officer in the Corellian Security Force, and fled the planet along with the rest of her group aboard the freighter Star's Delight.

Tesc married Captain Dromath, an officer in the New Republic Defense Force, with whom she had a son, Rade Dromath. After her husband was killed during the campaign of 9 ABY, Tesc and her son returned to Garqi, by then a member of the New Republic. She remained vigilant to the threat of an invasion by the Imperial Remnant, stockpiling supplies. Tesc was killed in 25 ABY when the Yuuzhan Vong assaulted Garqi during the early stages of their attempted conquest of the galaxy. However, the stockpiled supplies were put to use by the Garqi Resistance, of which her son became a leader.


Early life[]

The Human female Dynba Tesc was born into a wealthy family on Garqi, an agricultural world[1] in the Tadrin sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[3] As a young adult, Tesc enrolled at Garqi Agricultural University to study computer automation and droid-operated combine systems and was a final year student[1] in 6 ABY.[4]

Although Tesc held romanticized thoughts of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, the war seemed remote and had little impact on her life. That began to change after the arrival of Corran Horn, a former officer in the Corellian Security Force who had fled to Garqi after coming into conflict with the Empire. While Horn hid in plain sight, working undercover as Eamon Yzalli, aide to the Imperial military prefect, Mosh Barris, the people of Garqi started to see mysterious night-time flights by an X-wing starfighter. Tesc saw these as a sign that the New Republic was planning to liberate her homeworld from Imperial rule, and she began meeting with other like-minded students on the comnet.[1]

Xeno's circle[]

"Looking at her I see a woman who is more a child than adult—but that is standard among the adults here. This damned world is so fertile that the great agri-combines need nothing more than droids to tend the crops and accountants to tend the profits. The people of Garqi are pampered and unrealistic, hardly fodder for the Rebellion. Of course, that is what she wants us to believe."
"What is, sir?"
"That she is too innocent to be part of the Rebellion. I cannot and will not be tricked by her."
―Mosh Barris and Corran Horn, undercover as Eamon Yzalli, on Dynba Tesc[1]

On one of his flights, Horn's X-wing collided with a rdava-bird, damaging his starboard engine. About a month later, the Gymsnor-3 light freighter Star's Delight arrived at Garqi carrying a debris extractor and proton torpedoes for Horn's fighter. The contraband cargo was discovered by the Imperials, who arrested the crew of the Star's Delight and impounded the ship. When an unknown individual identified as Xeno sliced into one of the students' comnet meetings soon after, Tesc assumed he was a member of the Star's Delight's crew who had evaded capture and came to regard the incident as proof that New Republic agents were active on Garqi.[1]

Dynba Test in Imperial custody

Xeno became a regular in the comnet meetings, organizing the students and instructing them on how to insert slogans and graphics into the comnet so that datapad and public display screens would randomly show New Republic messages. The slicers' actions caused shock among the population, including Tesc's parents, but Tesc wanted to do more to oppose the Empire, so she graffitied an anti-Imperial message on the side of the Imperial Court building in Pesktda, Garqi's capital city. In her rush to act, Tesc had purchased paint in a custom shade of red with her personal account, quickly leading the authorities to her.[1]

Tesc was arrested and imprisoned, where she was subjected to narco-interrogation. Terrified by her situation, Tesc immediately revealed her involvement with the slicer group and what little she knew about Xeno. Despite her lack of knowledge about any New Republic operations, Barris was convinced that Tesc was part of a larger plot and was concealing information.[1]


"I don't know any more."
"I know, child. It is my sad duty to tell you that Prefect Barris has decided to have you executed for your crime."
"What? He can't."
"Oh, but he can. I, on the other hand, cannot stand by and let this happen."
―Dynba Tesc and Eamon Yzalli[1]

Two days after Tesc's arrest, Barris learned that Kirtan Loor, an agent of Imperial Intelligence, was coming to Garqi to investigate the recent events. Yzalli convinced Barris to set a trap for the rebels, allowing both the slicers and the crew of the Star's Delight to attempt to flee aboard the ship, before destroying it and all his enemies in one go as a demonstration to Loor.[1]

Corran Horn, as Eamon Yzalli, arranged Tesc's escape.

Still posing as Yzalli, Horn went to visit Tesc in her cell. He explained that she was scheduled to be executed in a week and offered to help her escape, along with her fellow slicers and the crew of the Star's Delight. Although Tesc was initially suspicious, Horn convinced her that he had always tried to be a moderating influence on Barris and could not live with her death on his conscience.[1]

Yzalli arranged for Tesc's release and had the contraband returned to the Star's Delight under the guise of leaving it in situ for the Imperial Intelligence investigation. He warned Tesc that she would have only two days to free the freighter's crew and to escape from the planet. To assist in freeing the prisoners, Yzalli provided Tesc with landspeeders, Imperial uniforms, and a code cylinder that would identify her as Kirtana Loor of Imperial Intelligence, allowing her to have the crew of the Star's Delight released without authorization from Barris.[1]

Tesc got word to the other members of Xeno's slicer circle, who gathered at the hangar where the Star's Delight was impounded in preparation to flee. Xeno himself declined to leave, stating that his work was not complete. Tesc briefed the rest of the group on their roles in the evacuation. Knowing that the Twi'lek Arali Dil and the Bothan Sihha would not pass for Imperial officers, Tesc left them to prepare the ship while the five Human members of the group went to rescue its crew. Prior to departing, she sent a message to Yzalli, advising him of their planned departure time.[1]

Flight of the Star's Delight[]

"Are the prisoners ready for transfer?"
"Transfer? I know nothing of …"
"Of course you don't. The inefficiency of Rim-world officials should not surprise me, should it?"
"Well, I …"
"You were not going to venture an opinion, were you?"
―Dynba Tesc, posing as Kirtana Loor, and an Imperial guard[1]

Disguised as Loor, Tesc used the code cylinder to gain access to the local detention center and demanded the release of the freighter's crew into her custody, claiming that they were being returned to the scene of the crime as part of her investigation. The guards complied, and Tesc's group escorted the prisoners, comprising of the Duros Captain Lai Nootka, the Devaronian Saricia, and a Sullustan pilot, to the waiting landspeeders, securing one prisoner in each.[1]

Concerned about arousing the suspicion of onlookers, Tesc maintained her cover and refrained from revealing her true purpose to the captives until they had safely returned to the Star's Delight. Tesc was surprised that Yzalli had not arrived to make his escape with the others, but Dil discovered a report on the comnet that he had been executed for anti-Imperial activity. With no time to mourn his death, Tesc joined the others aboard the ship.[1]

Corran Horn reveals his identity to Arali Dil and Dynba Tesc.

As the Star's Delight climbed out of the atmosphere, they were approached by a flight of four TIE fighters from the Garqi Eagles. Nootka was initially confident that the freighter's shields would hold long enough for them to escape into hyperspace, only to discover that the shields had been disabled. Just as Tesc came to the realization that Yzalli had set them up, Horn contacted the Star's Delight from his repaired X-wing and gave Nootka the code to reactivate the shields. Coming up behind the TIEs, Horn opened fire, destroying the Imperial starfighters, before following the Star's Delight into hyperspace.[1]

After arriving at their destination, Horn revealed his true identity to Tesc. He apologized for deceiving her, explaining that he had intended to use their departure as a cover for his own escape, having recovered the replacement parts and torpedoes after they were moved back to the Star's Delight. Barris had written the report of Yzalli's death to explain his failure to make the rendezvous but had also disabled Yzalli's account, preventing Horn from alerting them to the disabled shields earlier. As Yzalli, he had also sent a report to Kirtan Loor, implicating Barris in the group's escape as part of a plan to defect to the New Republic. When Tesc guessed that Horn was Xeno and had put her group together to help him steal the contraband, he confirmed that that had been Xeno's intention but revealed that Xeno was actually his astromech droid, Whistler.[1]

Return to Garqi[]

"The Yuuzhan Vong got her in the first wave. Because of the stories she told of the old days here, of fighting against the Empire, and being so close to the Remnant, she'd prepared things. Wasn't like she was a nut about it, but just hid some things away. Her foresight is why we're alive—the Resistance, that is."
"Sorry to hear she died. She was very special, your mother."
"Okay, now I know you. Horn, the one who got her off Garqi."
"She got herself away. I was just along for the ride."
―Rade Dromath and Corran Horn[5]

After escaping Garqi, Tesc met Captain Dromath, an officer in the New Republic Defense Force.[1] The pair eventually married and had a son, Rade Dromath,[5] on Kailion, a port world in the 77 Sectors.[3] Tesc's husband was killed in the campaign against Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn[5] in 9 ABY.[6] Following her husband's death, Tesc and her son moved back to Garqi.[5]

The rebellious activities of the Garqi Agricultural University students had sparked a desire for independence from the Empire, and Garqi had joined the New Republic after the Imperial Remnant abandoned the Cassandran Worlds.[3] However, due to her previous experience with the Empire and Garqi's proximity to the Imperial Remnant, Tesc continued to see it as a threat and made sure to stockpile supplies in case of an invasion.[5]

In 25 ABY, the New Republic was invaded by the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong.[6] When the invaders came to Garqi early in the war, Tesc was killed in the first wave of the attack.[5] The Yuuzhan Vong used Garqi as a base for producing slaves,[3] but Rade became one of the leaders of the Resistance, using the supplies his mother had stockpiled to ensure the group's survival. When Horn made contact with Dromath after being sent on a mission to Garqi by the New Republic, he was upset to learn of Tesc's death. Horn credited her for her part in the escape from Garqi and was angry with himself for not getting in touch after her husband's passing.[5]

Personality and traits[]

"My father was her hero and the love of her life, but she remembered you fondly and was proud of your successes."
―Rade Dromath, to Corran Horn[5]

A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, Dynba Tesc was an idealistic, eager student, but she was easily bored and sought a more exciting pursuit than droid-operated combine systems. To Tesc, the Galactic Civil War seemed distant, with little impact to her life, yet she considered the conflict as a source of romance and heroism, harboring thoughts of joining the New Republic and defeating the Empire while meeting a handsome starship pilot in the process.[1] She did eventually marry a New Republic officer and came to regard Dromath as her hero.[5]

Tesc's homeworld of Garqi

The sightings of Horn's X-wing gave Tesc hope that the New Republic was coming to liberate her homeworld, and she was excited at the thought that New Republic agents were already operating on Garqi. After being recruited by Xeno, Tesc found planning and implementing their attacks on the comnet cathartic. She enjoyed seeing the outrage that her group's efforts caused her parents and would purposefully rebel against her father's authority by targeting his datapad first. She found it amusing that just seven slicers were able to create enough trouble for the Empire to warrant an Imperial Intelligence investigation. Tesc believed that Xeno was planning to use the group for some larger attack, but her impatience led her to act alone. In truth, Corran Horn considered the group to be little more than children and was unwilling to risk their safety by recruiting them to help him retrieve the X-wing parts. Horn's hesitance proved well-founded when Tesc's naivety left a trail that led to her arrest.[1]

Tesc's imprisonment left her more scared than she had ever been in her life, and she wanted nothing more than to retreat into her childhood for comfort. Although the Empire used interrogation drugs on her, Tesc admitted to herself that she would have revealed what little she knew without them.[1] Nevertheless, Horn considered that her opposition to the Empire when it posed no direct threat to her showed bravery.[5] Tesc felt fear when impersonating Kirtana Loor to rescue the crew of the Star's Delight, but she was able to overcome it to complete the mission.[1]

Tesc was attached to Garqi as her homeworld, but she came to see it was a boring, backwater planet. Despite this, she felt a sense of loss when she was forced to flee the planet,[1] later returning to her homeworld following the death of her husband.[5]

Skills and abilities[]

Tesc was skilled in computer programming and repair, droid programming, and the operation and repair of repulsorlifts. Her computer skills made her a capable slicer, able to insert New Republic messages into the comnet to show on datapads and display screens throughout Garqi. She was also a competent beast rider.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dynba Test was created by author Michael A. Stackpole for the short story "Missed Chance," which was first published by West End Games in the seventh issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal magazine in August 1995.[1]



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