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"You're a very dull boy, you know that Ben, don't you? There are lots of force-using girls around here who haven't paired up yet."
―Dyon Stadd to Ben Skywalker.[src]

Dyon Stadd was a Human male and former Jedi Candidate who lacked the strength to become a Jedi Knight. In 43.5 ABY he joined up with Ben and Luke Skywalker on Dathomir.


Stadd was a Jedi candidate during the Yuuzhan Vong War, before he left due to lack of Jedi potential. He ended up on Dathomir, helping with negotiations between traders and the Dathomiri clans. In 43.5 ABY, he accompanied Han and Leia Solo on their mission to find and assist Luke and Ben Skywalker, and was caught up in the conflict between the Nightsisters and Bright Sun Clan. Stadd later assisted the Skywalkers in their fight with the Lost Tribe Sith, and accompanied them when they and the Solos confronted the mechanic Monarg about his complicity with Sith Vestara Khai. Stadd, supported by the Skywalkers, filed a claim for Khai's ship She's a Chancer, which was being held by Monarg, and renamed the ship Bright Sun.[2]

While on Klatooine chaperoning Vestara and Ben while they purchased supplies, Dyon succumbed to Abeloth's influence and consequentially went on a rampage. Vestara and Ben subdued him, and after Luke arranged for him to be released from the authorities and into his care Dyon was transferred to the Jade Shadow's medbay. When the allies arrived at Abeloth's planet, Vestara convinced him that she and all of the other impostors were on Abeloth's side and therefore Dyon's—they had chosen to replace the Sith, who were associated with the Sith Meditation Sphere Ship, who was associated with Abeloth; thus it made sense that the Sith impostors were on his side. She enabled Stadd to escape, which he did as Luke, Gavar Khai, and the Sith Lord Sarasu Taalon reemerged from their failed attempt to locate Abeloth beyond shadows. The allies then pursued Dyon with the tracking device Vestara had planted on him.[3]

Stadd found Abeloth, who began to draw upon his life energy; causing him to realize that her influence was a lie. However, she sensed the approach of the Jedi and Sith and fled, leaving Stadd for dead. The Skywalkers and the Sith found Stadd, who apologized for his actions, revealing that—even though they all still seemed to be impostors, he realized now that this was Abeloth's influence, and he could overcome it. The allies left a couple of Sith to stand guard with Stadd while the rest went deeper into the tunnel after Abeloth. After a brief skirmish, Abeloth fled her attackers and returned up the tunnel, quickly consuming and killing the Sith standing guard there before turning to finish consuming Stadd's life energy. However, Luke Skywalker suddenly arrived, and Abeloth took on Stadd's appearance while projecting an image of Ming. However, Skywalker saw through her deception and stabbed what appeared to him to be Stadd's body, and Abeloth then morphed into her true form before apparently dying. The Jedi and Sith found Stadd lying nearby and took him back to the Jade Shadow for medical treatment.[3] However, the Sith and Jedi soon discovered that Abeloth had actually switched bodies with Stadd and Abeloth still lived. Skywalker had not actually killed Stadd; the human Dyon Stadd was no longer alive as soon as Abeloth made him an avatar of herself.[1]

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In Fate of the Jedi: Allies and Vortex, his name is consistently misspelled as "Dyon Stad", along with Kyp Durron's name.


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