"I look forward to the next event I can relate to you out there, who love as much as I do the wonders of stardom. Until then, sweeties, I wish you all happiness."
―Dyslogia Twang[src]

Dyslogia Twang was a male contributor to the HoloNet News channel at the time of the Separatist Crisis. He covered such topics as fashion, celebrity news, and high-class social events—in other words, gossip. He was one of the few media supporters of Jar Jar Binks, the Gungan Representative to the Galactic Senate. In 22 BBY, Twang traveled to the planet Alsakan and attended a fundraising reception for the Refugee Relief Movement, which inspired him to write a very sarcastic article.


"I just about shrieked out my larynx seeing Lexi Dio's atrocious frock. She was bedecked in a layered accident that superlatives absolutely fail."
―Dyslogia Twang[src]

In the waning days of the Galactic Republic,[2] the male[1] alien Dyslogia Twang was a famous journalist. During the Separatist Crisis, he was a regular contributor to the Life section of CoCo District's edition of the HoloNet News. Thanks to his social column titled "Sightings by Twang," he had embraced a high-society life, rubbing elbows with the galaxy's finest. In the fourth month of the year 22 BBY, he attended a fundraiser for the Refugee Relief Movement—or RRM for short—in the brand new Xenvaer Civic Auditorium on the planet Alsakan. During the reception, Twang crossed paths with many politicians, most of whom he found dull or poorly-dressed. He personally interacted with the senators Ronet Coorr of Iseno and Tendau Bendon of Ithor. He had, however, no interest in the delegates' conversation and cut them short quickly. In one single night, the journalist had found fresh fodder for the gossip mill and enjoyed quality food he qualified as "pure heaven." Following the fundraiser, Twang wrote a vitriolic review that was published in the fifty-third issue of the 531st HoloNet News volume. The only celebrities who had a certain grace in his eyes were Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo and the Gungan Representative Jar Jar Binks.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Listening to Tendau Bendon morosely drone on about the mourning fig trees of some forsaken world made me want to [sic] take someone's life (my own is far too fabulous to even contemplate taking!)."
―Dyslogia Twang[src]

Dyslogia Twang was a male[1] belonging to a humanoid species characterized by its stout stature, sagging flesh, and tiny hands. His skin had a pale purple hue, and two black eyes emerged from the fleshy folds of his face. Twang's head drooped down over the shoulders, completely concealing his neck under a goiter-like enlargement.[2]

Society life was Twang's primary interest, and he would show disdain for quiet planets such as Monastery and Naboo, which he called "dismally dull worlds." His other great passion in life was fashion, a domain in which he often expressed very hard judgments. In his review of the RRM fundraiser, he made harsh comments about some of the attendees' clothes and hairstyle, including the former Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum and Senator Lexi Dio. By contrast, Twang admired Padmé Amidala's natural beauty and elegance; he even wished to hire Amidala's hairdresser for himself, although he had no hair to begin with. He was also fond of the delegate Jar Jar Binks, whose laid-back nature and sense of fashion had gained his approval.[2]

During the Separatist Crisis, Twang was admittedly supportive of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's policies, even though he would carp about his wearing red garments. Generally speaking, the journalist showed little interest in specific political matters. When Senator Ronet Coorr tried to discuss with him about redirecting arterial traffic through industrial sectors, Twang cut short the conversation after only twelve minutes. He also remained indifferent to environmental topics, remarking that the Ithorian Senator Tendau Bendon had bored him by discussing a species of fig trees found on a forgotten world.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

An early sketch of Jabba the Hutt that inspired Dyslogia Twang's physique

"A good time was had by most (except yours truly, who needed to leave early so I could initial this report!). I picked up the next day, though, that Mrp-Mrp danced the night away with a fractal assembly of her deionized lover ("The best one I ever had!"), QUOCRAG MOGRA."
―Dyslogia Twan, in Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas[src]

Dyslogia Twang first appeared in the 1993 book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, written by Bob Carrau. In this book, Twang gave a review of the annual Vector Day party thrown by Mrp-Mrp Poo, a renowned Quenk jazz artist. The journalist, sporting a Velcro wrap, attended the gala, which was held at the Boulderdash terrarium, along with many well-known personalities of that time, including the data star Rzsco Snowwt. As usual, Twang intended to compose a highly critical article for publication in his column. However, he was forced to leave the party early so he could write his report in time, which displeased him. In spite of his early departure, he had collected enough gossip to write one of his trademark unflattering articles. In "Sightings by Twang," the journalist notably made hay of an anecdote involving Tireis Blackandwhite, a female who could divide her body into two autonomous—and quite antagonistic—"segments."[3]

However, Leland Chee, who maintains the official Holocron continuity database, has stated that information from this book is considered non-canonical unless reused in later publications.[4] In 2002, the character of Dyslogia Twang appeared in the April 25 issue of the HoloNet News in-universe website, thus bringing him into canon. In this incarnation, Twang was drawn by Joe Corroney.[2] The HoloNet article retained most traits that had been established in Monsters and Aliens, including his speech mannerisms and the title of his social column.[3][2]

Twang's appearance greatly resembles early Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi designs for Jabba the Hutt. One early sketch of the proto-Jabba, drawn by conceptual designer Ralph McQuarrie, even depicted him with steepled fingers,[5] just like Twang in Corroney's illustration.[2]

In real life, the term "dyslogia" is used in neuropsychology to describe a "distortion of language that results from psychological problems, without impairment to linguistic functions as such."[6] It should be noted that in Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, the exact meaning of many sentences within Twang's report was unclear.[3]



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