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"You would prefer that I took a little pleasure, a little sustenance, at your expense rather than theirs? I was promised, little key tapper. I was promised, and I have yet to receive the payment for those things that only I can do. You remember that there are many hours in a day', and only half of them are hours of light."
―Dzym to Liegeus Vorn[src]

Dzym was a genetically altered male Droch from Nam Chorios. He was grown from his small insectoid form to take the appearance and height of a humanoid. He conspired with Seti Ashgad and nearly invaded the New Republic with his fellow drochs, but was stopped by the Tsil and Luke Skywalker.


"And at heart he doesn't really care. All he wants is to get off this planet, into more fertile worlds."
Callista Ming to Leia Organa Solo[src]

Dzym was a droch genetically altered by Beldorion the Hutt's cook as a treat for the Hutt to eat. He became sentient and killed the cook. In cahoots with Seti Ashgad, he plotted to take drochs off Nam Chorios, thus devastating the galaxy, and providing himself eternal feeding grounds. He was killed during the attempt to launch off-world by the local population, who had been influenced by Luke Skywalker. At his death, Dzym was two hundred and fifty years old.

Personality and traitsEdit

"I heard you and Dzym talking, that is, but I couldn't hear what you said. Only the way you shrank away, the way you fear him."
Leia Organa Solo to Liegeus Vorn[src]

Despite his appearance as a gaunt humanoid, without his robe, he was decidedly alien. His torso and fingertips were covered in razor-sharp toothed orifices. He had the same ability to leech life as other droch beetles, and in one instance ate one of the larger crab-like drochs, describing the flavor as "sweet."

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