E'ronoh was a planet and the twin world of Eiram, situated in the same star system. As the star system was a waypoint in hyperspace, E'ronoh competed with its twin for control of the area. During the High Republic Era, E'ronoh was ruled by Monarch Cassel, a Pantoran. Cassel was kidnapped by members of the Directorate, who also kidnapped Queen Thandeka of Eiram, causing a hostage crisis in which the two worlds turned to the Jedi Order for assistance. As the Eiram–E'ronoh crisis continued, Eiram along with E’ronoh, offered a ransom to the Directorate and started to investigate the kidnappings on their own. After the crisis came to an end, Eiram and E’ronoh’s relationship rapidly improved, and they warmed to the Republic, allowing the Starlight Beacon to be built in their territory.[1]

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