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The E-11D blaster carbine was a blaster carbine[2] manufactured by BlasTech Industries and was used by the Galactic Empire's death troopers. Very similar in design to the E-11 medium blaster rifle, it featured a stock and a large-bore reinforced barrel in order to maximize its rate of fire and intensity.[1][5]


A death trooper carrying a E-11D with grenade launcher configuraton.

The BlasTech E-11D blaster carbine was the lightweight, sturdily-built standard-issue weapon of Imperial death troopers. The E-11D was designed for close-quarters and urban combat situations, the type of occurrences that death troopers excel in. The blaster carbine traded range and accuracy for stopping power and short range performance. E-11D blaster carbines came with a large-bore reinforced barrel and was equipped with integrated features to improve power output, balance, and handling. It also had an integrated stun setting.[2] The weapon could also be configured with a grenade launcher attachment.[6]

Usage in the Galactic Empire[]

The E-11D has seen many years of use throughout the Galactic Empire's reign. From the Imperial occupation of Lothal to the Battle of Scarif, the blaster has been a reliable weapon for the death troopers wielding it. As the blaster was the primary weapon of a death trooper, whenever a trooper would embark on a mission, the rifle would always be close-by. As death troopers specialized in stealth, efficiency and lethality, the rifle contains all the necessary traits to help the soldiers armed with it in their missions.

Units wielding the E-11D[]

Throughout the galaxy, many soldiers wielded the E-11D blaster carbine while fighting for the Empire. The following units are squads of troopers who wielded the rifle at some point during the rule of the Empire.

  • During his service to the Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn was in possession of a squad of death troopers acting as his personal security.
  • As the Empire delivered shipments of Kyber crystals, a squad of Death Troopers were typically there to accompany the cargo. They were armed with the standard E-11D.
  • During the occupation of Lothal, death troopers such as DT-L21 could be seen armed with the standard-issue blaster rifle.
  • Orson Krennic had a squad of death troopers at his disposal, acting as his personal guards. In 0 BBY, during the Battle of Scarif, Krennic ordered all but two of his personal squad to deploy onto the beaches. The majority of troops wielded the E-11D.
  • After the collapse of the Empire, Gideon's Imperial Remnant had a unit of death troopers, all of which were armed with the E-11D blaster rifle as well.



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