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The E-11s sniper rifle, also known as the E-11s long-range blaster was a sniper rifle manufactured by BlasTech Industries.


Blastech's E-11 platform was considered to be one of the most successful blaster designs in history. It was no surprise that when the Galactic Empire wanted a dedicated sniper rifle, the company looked to its most successful design for inspiration. The E-11s used the same frame, but incorporated a composite alloy buttstock and the barrel was double the length than a regular E-11 blaster rifle. The elongated barrel featured the same perforated shroud and heat-abating fins the E-11 was known for. Unfortunately, heat management problems reduced the weapon's fire rate well below that of market competitors. The Empire deployed E-11s with scout troopers, infantry platoon sharpshooters and special forces snipers. Other than the Empire, Blastech sold E-11s to special law-enforcement units, planetary defense forces; and permitted bounty hunters and mercenaries. The prevalence of the weapon meant they found their way onto the black market usually through salvage from battlefields or hijacked factory shipments.[1]



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