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"E chu ta!"
"How rude!"
―E-3PO and C-3PO[src]

E-3PO was an E-3PO protocol droid in the service of the Galactic Empire.


Attached to the Imperial Death Squadron, E-3PO was transported to Cloud City to serve as translator liaison with the colony's Ugnaught engineers during the hunt for Luke Skywalker. When IG-88B arrived on Bespin to capture Han Solo and stop Boba Fett from getting the bounty on the smuggler, E-3PO acted as his informant.


C-3PO and E-3PO.

Unhappy with his situation on Bespin, E-3PO believed the Empire was bent on destroying him by forcing him to work with a culture specialized in the disassembly and reprocessing of salvageable droids and droid parts.

The Imperial team helping the Ugnaughts convert the carbon freezing chamber's chemical intermix ratio for Human hibernation took to calling E-3PO "E-Gregious" because of his outlandish attitude. Insulted, he left the chamber, taking time only to mumble "E chu ta!" to C-3PO standing outside the door, just before C-3PO was shot by the Imperial team in the chamber.

When the Empire left a permanent garrison on Bespin, E-3PO stayed on in Cloud City to serve as Ugnaught liaison for Captain Hugo Treece. His gruff personality continued to degrade, forcing Treece and others to reassign him from job to job.

After the Imperial occupation of Bespin ended, E-3PO came into the hands of the New Republic. New Republic Intelligence agents went over E-3PO's systems in detail expecting to uncover data valuable to the New Republic. However, the only information recovered had to do with Imperial dining and clothing etiquette, his TechSpan I module having been extracted years earlier by a frustrated technical specialist, bent on correcting the droid's personality defects permanently.

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E-3PO was portrayed by Chris Parsons in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, who also portrayed 4-LOM and K-3PO in the same film.


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