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"Send me a Baktoid model E-5, fully operational and armed, to my quarters."
―Raith Sienar, to Kett[src]

The E-5 battle droid was a model of battle droid manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata. Based on the E4 baron droid, it was an interim successor to the B1 battle droid and was quickly made obsolete by the B2 super battle droid.


"As I told you, these droids have been altered to be capable of independance, and they are considerably more rugged than earlier models."
Wilhuff Tarkin, to Raith Sienar[src]

Tall and thin, the E-5 battle droid was based on the design of the E4 baron droid.[3] Featuring armor heavier than that of the B1 battle droid, they were equipped with individual intelligence matrices,[4] allowing them to operate independently of a Central Control Computer. However, their lack of intelligence was their greatest weakness,[1] and an E-5's limited verbobrain[4] was said to be as slow as that of any droid tank.[1]


After the Trade Federation's defeat at the Battle of Naboo[4] in the year 32 BBY,[5] the E-5 was secretly[4] designed and manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata[1] as an interim successor to the B1 battle droid.[3] As a temporary measure, they were produced in small numbers while the Trade Federation developed the B2 super battle droid,[4] quickly rendering the E-5 obsolete.[3]



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