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The E-9 explorer was a scout vessel produced by the Loronar Corporation that required a small crew to operate at peak efficiency.



The E-9 Explorer was a long-range scout vessel. The ship had bridge house stations that allowed the four-person crew to monitor and operate most ship systems. The crew quarters were located along the neck of the ship. The lounge had an autochef system, a hologame table and other entertainment systems. In addition to the engineering section, the main body of the ship also held a three-deck cargo bay that could hold a small repulsorlift vehicle, which left the ship through the ventral cargo elevator.

A network of crawlways was built under the main deck that can access almost any part of the ship. Unfortunately, their only access point was through the gunwell just inside the front area of the cargo bay. This meant, anyone trying to gain entry into the maintenance tunnels anywhere else would have to cut through the deck plating.

The E-9 Explorer was equipped with two laser cannons, one on top and one on the bottom of the main body of the ship. It was possible for weaponry to be upgraded to be more lethal such as by upgrading to double, quad, or heavy laser cannons. Some owners have been known to install a proton torpedo launcher into the underside of the ship's nose. Such measures were viewed by Loronar and the Imperial government as highly unnecessary and they have been known to incite seizure of the ship by the Empire.[2]


The E-9 explorer was first introduced to the galaxy at around near 19BBY as an unarmored transport; It only experienced mild success but Loronar still maintained support for the ship. For a span of a few years, the ship was nearly discontinued but it persisted with customer support.

When Loronar decided to weaponize the ship and give it advertising promotion, sales rose and the ship survived. But when, the Galactic Empire started cracking down on companies weaponizing ships, it left Loronar fighting a long legal battle with the Imperial Bureau of Shipbuilding and Construction as a result, it nearly forced him to stop manufacturing the vessel.

Loronar promised he would only sell it as an armored transport and that gave him permission to continue selling the vessel. He upgraded the ship's sensor suite and changed the marketing strategy. Sales decreased but he still decided to support the ship well into the first years of the New Republic.[2]

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The E-9 Explorer originated on the website SWRPGNetwork before Wizards of the Coast canonized it in the Message to Spacers series of web articles.



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