The Mesonics E-Mag Explosive Mine was an anti-vehicle defensive mine often used by the Galactic Empire.


The E-Mag Explosive Mine was a small hexagonal device equipped with advanced sensors. These sensors were normally calibrated to detect repulsorlifts, but could be set to detect pressure for use against ground vehicles and foot traffic.

When a target was detected within twenty-five vertical meters above the mine, the device immediately fired an explosive burst of shrapnel directly upward. This burst was capable of causing grievous damage even to heavily-armored vehicles.[2][3]


Shortly after its development, the E-Mag Explosive Mine was used to assassinate several Imperial Moffs. The Empire responded by effectively taking control of Mesonics's factories by stationing stormtroopers around them, supposedly to protect them.

In exchange for maintaining some independence, Mesonics agreed to supply the Empire directly and give Imperial officials the authority to deny any non-Imperial purchases of the mines. All such purchases were denied, making the mines difficult for other groups to acquire. Some Mesonics employees sold the mines on the black market.[2]

The fall of the Empire allowed for much freer sale of the mines. Although the New Republic monitored these sales, they restricted them far less than the Empire had.[2] During this period, Mesonics was known to sell the devices to agricultural corporations for use in keeping herd animals from entering restricted areas of pasture.[3]


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