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"Rebel base identified. Designation: Imperial infiltrator droid EXD-9. Assignment: Atollon. Target: rebels."

The E-XD infiltrator droid was a model of recon droid used by the Galactic Empire. EXD-9 was an Imperial infiltrator droid who infiltrated the Phoenix Cell's Chopper Base on Atollon.


E-XD schematics

E-XD infiltrator droid schematics

E-XD infiltrator droids resembled protocol droids but were in fact specialized recon droids that were fitted with various integrated weapons including built-in blasters. When in protocol mode, their sensors were white. In attack mode, their sensors turned red and the droids were also capable of elevating their height. Infiltrator droids were capable of weathering extensive damage in combat, possessed considerable strength and could leap great heights. They were also capable of rapidly scanning various objects and lifeforms and identifying them, enabling at least one undercover unit to play the role of an inventory droid. Infiltrator droids could also cannibalize other droids and drain their power. These droids were also programmed to pilot tactical infiltration pods and to operate transmitters.[2] Breaking Imperial protocol, the droids were fitted with a proton warhead that would self-destruct if the unit was compromised.[3]


EXD-9 lands on Atollon

EXD-9 lands on Atollon

During the Imperial Era, Grand Admiral Thrawn commissioned the creation of E-XD infiltrator droids to scour the Outer Rim Territories for rebel bases. In 2 BBY, the Empire dispatched many Infiltrator Droids in tactical infiltration pods to hunt for the Phoenix Cell's base. One of these units, EXD-9, under the guise of an RQ protocol droid, discovered Chopper Base on the planet Atollon. After being attacked by krykna spiders, he was adopted by Garazeb Orrelios and AP-5, who believed that he would make a good inventory droid thanks to his rapid scanning functionality. However, Agent Kallus, an ISB operative who defected under the callsign Fulcrum, alerted Zeb to the presence of the Imperial Infiltrator Droids. Following a struggle, Zeb, AP-5 and the astromech droid Chopper overpowered a transformed EXD-9 and reprogrammed him into a improvised bomb which destroyed an Imperial Star Destroyer and all the other infiltrator droids aboard.[2]

After Mon Mothma's rebellious speech against Emperor Palpatine, E-XD units were spread across the system in tactical infiltration pods in an effort to locate her. One of these units was searching a destroyed Separatist warship, where members of the waiting Ghost crew destroyed it.[4]

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The E-XD infiltrator droid first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Warhead", which first premiered on Disney XD on January 14, 2017. The design of the droid is based on an original design drawing for C-3PO by Ralph McQuarrie.[3] The droid's explosive countdown was nod to the Predator's explosive countdown from the 1987 film.[5]



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