E1-6RA, also known as Era (only by her master Lanius Qel-Bertuk), E1-6 and EeOne (by everybody else), was the administrator droid of the Almas Academy. E1-6RA had a feminine programming.


She was constructed from the parts of several different droid models; her basic design was that of a protocol droid with blaster-scored bronze plating, but she had an extra set of arms that were joined to her main chassis just above her waist. Each of these ended in tool mounts that could accommodate a variety of implements.[1]

She had passed through the hands of many owners. One former owner, who had been a smuggler, had equipped E1 with a unique piece of technology: An alien device from beyond the Outer Rim, it allowed E1 to receive telepathic transmissions and translate them into understandable signals. The smuggler aimed to hide the device from the authorities, but he was arrested nevertheless.[1]

E1-6RA also had a heuristic processor, which she used to become something of an all-purpose droid and learn any new tasks. Due to a comedy program that she used to have but was overwritten, she attempted to tell jokes that were always awful.[1]

At some point, E1-6RA became the property of a family. Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk met this family because one of its younger members had become a new student at the Almas Academy. Qel-Bertuk bought E1-6RA and took her to Culria. She soon became indispensable at the Almas Academy that Qel-Bertuk ruled.[1]

E1 spoke in convoluted sentences with stiff speech patterns. Master Lanius laughed at E1-6RA's jokes, but others tended to groan; Tarasin resident religious leader mother Missira, who tried her best to befriend E1-6RA, was particularly perplexed at her jokes. E1-6RA was very devoted to Lanius and the Jedi, as it was the best service she could remember ever being in.[1]

In 31 BBY, Master Qel-Bertuk became aware of massive disappearances in Gadrin and Hedrett and considered at the same time he felt a disturbance coming from Cularin, and sent his administrative droid E1-6RA to Cularin to find somebody to look into the matter. The independent agents found the cause of the disappearances, but it is unclear whether they told E1-6RA or not.[2]

The missing people had really joined the Cularin resistance[2] to find proofs of the illegal acts of the Metatheran Cartel in the planet and expel them from the planet, something they eventually achieved.[3]. The Cartel blamed his envoy Velin Wir for the crimes and sent a new envoy, Thurm Loogg, to ask for permission to remain in the planet. Governor Barnab Chistor of Gadrin left the matter up to a vote. Some Padawans attending the celebration abstained, although many people had thought that the Jedi Order were going to vote as a block. Master Lanius did not assist, although he sent E1-6RA as a representative.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the end of The Resistance Within, the player characters can either tell E1-6RA what they discovered about the disappearances, or not. They can also ask him for Jedi negotiators to solve the situation. Those decisions were asked in the Critical Event Summary of The Resistance Within so that the majority decision of the sent summaries would be considered canon. This decision is referenced in the following adventure, A Revelation.




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