EE-104 Fisheyes were stealth vessels in use throughout the galaxy during the time following the Second Galactic Civil War. Two were captured by the Lost Tribe of Sith around 44 ABY for use in the Tribe's armada. One of them, the Cryptic Warning, was commanded by Sith Saber Querdan Dei during the Jedi Queen project.

Designed and manufactured in the Corporate Sector, the ship lacked windows in order to stop light escaping the craft and alerting enemy sensors. The ship's hull was designed in such a way that it mimicked the colors of its environment to make it next to impossible to spot even as it entered a planet's atmosphere by taking on the color of the planet below on its upper half and the color of the sky or space and displaying it on its lower half.

The general shape of the ship was oval in order to minimize its profile so what scans are not absorbed by the ship's special stealth coating was either bounced away from the source or just flowed around the ship's slim round surface.


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