"It was love at first 'Gonk' you might say."
―Emil Graf, on EG-30 and Jitt[src]

EG-30 was a GNK-series power droid who befriended the Jawa mechanic Jitt on the planet Tatooine. The two maintained a close friendship until the droid was sold to a family of moisture farmers in 0 BBY. Decades later, EG-30 worked at the edge of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, in an area controlled by the Resistance. He worked alongside fellow power droid EG-127.


"Jitt and EG-30 were inseparable. They were never apart…work time…play time…nap time…free time…vacation time…and sometimes…just time."
―Emil Graf[src]
EG and Jitt

EG-30 and Jitt nap together.

EG-30 was a GNK-series power droid who was captured by a tribe of Jawas[2] on the Outer Rim desert planet Tatooine.[5] Several months prior to the Battle of Yavin[6] in 0 BBY,[7] he was brought aboard their sandcrawler, where he met the Jawa's chief mechanic, Jitt. The two instantly formed a connection, and would spend the coming months sharing nearly all their time together.[2]

Knowing that her fellow Jawas would eventually want to sell EG-30, Jitt installed a device inside her friend that would blow his primary motivator, as no one would desire to buy a faulty droid. When the Jawas put EG-30 up for sale to a moisture farmer, Jitt was prepared to activate the device, but had a change of heart when she saw the farmer's daughter embrace the droid with a hug. She allowed the Jawas to sell the droid, wanting her friend to be a part of a family.[2]

Decades later, during the time of the war between the First Order and the Resistance,[8] the cartographer Emil Graf would tell the story of the droid and the Jawa to his companions aboard the Star Herald.[2] EG-30 himself would eventually find his way to Black Spire Outpost on the Outer Rim world Batuu. A few months after the Hosnian Cataclysm[9] in 34 ABY,[7] he operated in an area controlled by the Resistance alongside another GNK power droid, EG-127, a veteran of the Galactic Civil War.[3]


EG-30 shared a close relationship with his companion Jitt, working alongside the Jawa in both her work duties and her leisure hours. The droid partook in activities not often seen among GNK units; he was known to play against his friend in dejarik as well as compete in sledding races on the dunes of Tatooine.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

EG-30 first appeared in "Tales from Wild Space: Gonk," the secondary story of Star Wars Adventures 8. The story was written and illustrated by Otis Frampton and published by IDW Publishing[2] on March 28, 2018.[10] The issue erroneously refers to the droid as "RM-30" on two occasions.[2]


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