"If I need welding, I see a manumitted power droid named AMPS."
―Rey writes about EGL-21 in her survival guide[3]

EGL-21, also known as "AMPS" or "Amps," was a manumitted EGL power droid based in Niima Outpost on the desert planet Jakku. He welded objects for scavengers in exchange for power, spare gas canisters, interesting metals, or a good joke. The droid and his mechanical colleague GTAW-74 could sometimes be spotted in the shade trading jokes that their customers had brought them. The scavenger Rey often spent time thinking up jokes to trade with EGL-21 for his services.


"AMPS doesn't eat rations, of course, but he'll weld in exchange for a recharge, spare gas canisters, metals he finds interesting, or a good joke. I spend a lot of time driving across the Goazon trying to think of jokes AMPS will decide are worth a trade."
―Rey, writing in her survival guide[3]

EGL-21 in Niima Outpost

EGL-21 was the designation[3] of an EGL power droid[2] manufactured by Veril Line Systems[1] who was also known by the nicknames "AMPS"[3] or "Amps."[5] By the year 34 ABY,[6] he was manumitted and based on the desert planet Jakku in Niima Outpost, a trading center controlled by the junk dealer Unkar Plutt. There, the droid would offer his services as a welder to scavengers in exchange for a recharge, spare gas canisters, interesting metals, or a good joke, as the ration portions that most of the scavengers traded in were useless to him.[3]

Rey's sketch of EGL-21

The welding droid GTAW-74 was a colleague of EGL-21, and the pair could sometimes be spotted together in the shade trading jokes that their customers had brought to them.[5] The scavenger Rey sometimes traded with EGL-21 and would try and think of jokes he might like while she was traveling across the Goazon Badlands.[3] Whenever she did think of a new joke she would seek EGL-21 and GTAW-74 out, as the pair's services could greatly improved the value of pieces of scrap.[1] At some point, she wrote about the power droid in a survival guide she was compiling and included a drawing of him.[3]

In 34 ABY,[6] EGL-21 walked through one of the tents in Niima Outpost and passed by Rey and the astromech droid BB-8 arguing with the former First Order stormtrooper Finn. Soon after, the First Order attacked Niima Outpost.[4]


EGL-21 was a power droid with masculine programming who enjoyed a good joke.[3] He became so quirky with age and lack of memory wipes that he formed a genuine friendship with the equally eccentric GTAW-74. Simple survival and the company of others was enough for the pair.[1] He had gray plating[4] and the capability to weld objects.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

EGL-21 was created for the 2015 sequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. He was not identified in the film[4] but was simultaneously named through the books Rey's Survival Guide and Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary, which were released in conjunction with the film and written by Jason Fry and Pablo Hidalgo, respectively.[3][7]


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