The EI-9 network security droid was a droid designed to protect computer networks.


The EI-9 was created by Arakyd to fill in a niche in security. It was designed to protect computer networks both online and physically.

It was a bipedal humanoid-shaped droid, with an oversized head. It had a wide array of data links, cables and adapters, making it able to connect to virtually any standard computer system. It also had a powerful data communication array which allowed it to connect wirelessly to networks. It could backtrack attacks to find out where the intruders might be operating from.

It also had a built-in blaster for physical security. It came equipped with a quick load hidden computer core which would restore all its defaults if the droid was compromised in any way.


The EI-9 was considered a difficult foe for slicers and data thieves. It was very aggressive and highly advanced. They often worked in groups, with one droid keeping the slicer busy while several more EI-9s moved to intercept the slicer at the terminal they were using.


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