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The SoroSuub ELG-3A blaster pistol was a spin-off of Merr-Sonn's popular Q2 model.


SoroSuub elongated the barrel of the Q2 to improve the range while maintaining the weight of a hold-out blaster. They also tuned the focusing ring to deliver better stun damage than other blasters of its size. The end result was the ELG-3A. The ELG-3A could also be set to stun, so it did not kill its target. Though small, it packed a considerable punch, as one shot to the head was sufficient to destroy a BX-series droid commando, despite its heavy armor. It fired blue or green blaster bolts.


Padmé Amidala using an ELG-3A during the Battle of Theed.

This smooth weapon was a pulse firing weapon that was considered light next to the Security S-5 heavy blaster pistol used by the Royal Naboo Security Forces. However, a direct hit at the right place could be fatal. The ELG-3A became popular with political operatives because of its discreet size, and was commonly known as the "Diplomat's Blaster". It was a very simple but elegant weapon by both the Naboo civilian population and the royal figures alike. These pistols were also standard issue on Naboo Royal Cruisers and Starships. They were small in size and could be hidden in tight spaces. Padmé Amidala used this blaster on numerous occasions, like when she used one to defend herself from the Bounty hunter Aurra Sing on Alderaan and her fight with Lolo Purs on the Coruscant docks. Amidala always carried one when on diplomatic missions, including Rodia, Alderaan, and when she was trapped aboard the Malevolence. Her handmaidens, like Sabé, also made use of the blaster on several occasions.

The blaster was standard issue on-board Royal Security Force ships, including yachts and battleships.[1] It was also the standard armament of the Queen and her handmaidens.

Behind the scenes[]

George Lucas himself designed this blaster, and his sketch was transformed into a practical prop within a day.[2]



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