ET-74 communications droids were a first-degree droid model developed by Automata Galactica during the Old Sith Wars era.

They were designed to handle communications tasks and coordinate the work of labor droids. Programmed with a mastery of communications systems, data transmission and reception systems, and computer systems and networks, they were able to handle a variety of tasks in multiple industries. Often found on space stations and capital ships, they could temporarily replace crew members by manning the communications and sensor stations for a short time.


The ET-74 was a Human-sized biped, stronger than the construction droid foreman, but more dexterous than the construction droid Mark II.[2] They could speak and understand Galactic Basic Standard, binary, and up to five other user-selected languages.[1]



An ET-74 communications droid

This model was known to have been used circa 3951 BBY. ET-74 droids were put in charge of mining, construction, and excavation droids whose tasks required coordination to ensure completion. They were sometimes mistaken for simple labor droids, but in actuality they were directing the less intelligent droids under their charge.[1] Several were found in Mandalorian caches on Dxun, and at least one such droid worked in Vogga's warehouse on Nar Shaddaa.[2]

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